Imperium Civile Praesidii

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Imperial Civil Defense Force
Imperium Civile Praesidii
Common name Civile Praesidii
Abbreviation ICP
Agency overview
Employees 230,000
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
National agency Tarsas
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Civitas Tarsae
Praefectus responsible Terinus Aquinus Fabia
Agency executive Kelarus Rema, Legate Praefectus
Parent agency Imperial Legion
Child agencies
  • Ne Vim Terrorumque
  • Substantia Terminum Coetus

The Imperium Civile Praesdii ('Imperial Civil Defense Force in English) is the primary police force of the Enlightened Empire of Tarsas.



The ICP consists of 40,000 personnel:

  • 30,000 are fully trained police officers
    • 20,000 provide security and general enforcement across the nation as well as aiding local police forces.
    • 6,000 serve as airport security officials.
    • 4,000 serve in special units
  • 13,000 salaried civilian support personnel
    • 5,000 civil servants
    • 3,000 border security inspectors that handle passport and enforcement duties
    • 5,000 Cultural Protection Officials that man airports and border checkpoints to enforce cultural protection laws


The primary headquarters of the ICP is in Civitas Tarsae in the middle city. An additional liaison office is in the Old City where a police representative is always at the behest of the Emperor of Tarsas. The force also has multiple regional headquarters.