Imperial Legion (Tarsas)

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Imperial Legion
imperium legionem
Active AD 6 - Present
Country  Tarsas
Allegiance Tarsas
Branch Army
Role National Defense
Size Active: 300,000
Reserve: 5,384,847
Motto For The Empire
Mascot Eastern Imperial Eagle
Battle honours Medal of Valour, Hero of the Empire
Emperor of Tarsas Romulus X

The Imperial Legion is the main ground force of the Enlightened Empire of Tarsas. The organisation was first established in 843 after the collapse of the Praetorus Legion, the army of the old empire. It is among the most technologically advanced militaries in Pardes, spending a large amount of money per soldier. The military is under direct command of the Emperor of Tarsas and the High Commander of Tarsas.



Army Air-Landing forces Naval Infantry Artillery Navy Air Force Pay Rank
Legionarius Legionarius Caelum Legionarius Aecor Legionarius Tormento Legionarius Navigium Legionarius Aether R1
Legionarius Primtus Legionarius Caelum Primtus Legionarius Aecor Primtus Legionariums Tormento Primtus Legionarius Navigium Primtus Legionarius Aether Primtus R2
Corprali Aer Corporali Mare Corporali Tormento Corporali Navis Corporali Planum Corporali R3
Legate Aer Legate Mare Legate Tormento Legate Navis Legate Planum Legate R4
Domino Legato Dominus Legatus Aere Domini Mare Legatus Dominus Legatus Tormento Magister Navis Legate Magister Planum Legate R5
General Staff


Legio Cuncti Summam Imperii (Legionary High Command)

  • Commandus Septentrionali Legionis (Northern Legionary Command)
    • Northern Legion Air Attache
    • Northern Artillery Command
    • Northern Armor Command
    • Northern Logistics Command
    • Northern Legionaire Command
  • Commandus Meridionali Legionis (Southern Legionary Command)
    • Southern legion Air Attache
    • Southern Artillery Command
    • Southern Armor Command
    • Southern Logistics Command
    • Southern Legionaire Command
  • Commandus Orientalem Legionis (Eastern Legionary Command)
    • Eastern Legion Air Attache
    • Eastern Artillery Command
    • Eastern Armor Command
    • Eastern Logistics Command
    • Eastern Legionaire Command
  • Commandus Occidentali Legionis (Western Legionary Command)
    • Western Legion Air Attache
    • Western Artillery Command
    • Western Armor Command
    • Western Logistics Command
    • Western Legionaire Command

Offices and Management

Command Structure



Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Officer Sabre  Tarsas Sabre Countless
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Sabre issued to all officers of the Legion along with ceremonial dress uniforms. Granted to all officers above OI. Each sword is custom made for the individual as per tradition and each weapon is unique. All branches of the military issue officer sabres for ceremonies.
Imperial Foundry Platinum Series Revolver  Tarsas Revolver Countless
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Revolver issued ceremonially to flag officers along with a custom sabre. Based off of a one hundred sixty year old design. The weapon is cast partially out of gold and silver. Considered to be the symbol of a high ranking flag officer. Each revolver is custom made for the individual that receives it.

Small Arms

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Alderia Armaments USP  Tarsas Pistol 870,000 USP.jpg Primary issue pistol
Type 88 Assault Rifle
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Assault Rifle 5,000,000+
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Primary rifle of the reserve units imported from Rodarion under the terms of the RCO arms sharing agreement. Produced in vast quantities due to their low cost for police and reservist use. Stocked and primarily issued to Reserve Regiments as they are called up.
IRA-90  Temuair Assault Rifle 400,000
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Primary rifle issued to full time servicemen.
Machine Guns
GMG36  Tarsas General Purpose Machine Gun 10,000 GMG36.jpg Produced during the Imperial Wars. Thousands were lost or abandoned. A number remain in storage for reservists and police use.
GMG42  Tarsas General Purpose Machine Gun 1,500,000+ GMG42.jpg Developed during the Imperial Wars as an improvement for the GMG36. Countless thousands were produced and lost in the fighting. As a result, the gun is one of the most prevalent in international arms trafficking markets due to the significantly number of old weapons that still function and the ease of production. Commonly issued to reserve regiments.
GMG65  Tarsas General Purpose Machine Gun 320,000 GMG65.jpg Modernization of the GMG42 introduced in 1965. Issued to the regular forces exclusively and normally not to reservists.
Precision Rifles
Automatgevär Ag m/81  Tarsas Anti-Material Rifle 80,000 Antimat.jpg
PSR85  Tarsas Sniper Rifle 500,000 PSR65.jpg
Grenade Launchers
GL1340  Tarsas Crew served grenade launcher 70,000 CSGL06.jpg
GL62  Tarsas Grenade Launcher 800,000 GP-25 at Tula State Museum of Weapons.jpg Widely exported across the world and extensively employed in the Legion.
GL40  Tarsas Grenade Launcher 40,000 RG-6 Interpolitex-2011.jpg
Crew Served Infantry Weapons
RPG-7  Tarsas Rocket Propelled Grenade 7,000,000+ RPG-7.jpg Produced and exported in vast quantities.
RPG-29  Tarsas Rocket Propelled Grenade 1,000,000+ RPG-29 USGov.JPG
RPG-30  Tarsas Rocket Propelled Grenade 850,000 File:РПГ-30-Крюк.jpg 170px
RPG-32  Tarsas Rocket Propelled Grenade 250,000 RPG32.jpg
PF-98  Tarsas Anti-tank Rocket 400,000 Chinese PF98 120 mm rocket launcher.jpg
T-S9  Yisrael Anti-tank rocket 451,000 SPIKE ATGM.jpg
RBS 70  Tarsas Man-Portable Air-Defense System 560,000 RBS70.jpg
Cailitz Nk-38  Nekor automatic cannon 40,000 Nkm wz38 FK.jpg 20mm automatic cannon deployed in various service branches. Prominently featured on ships, infantry vehicles, tanks, and early on emplacements and as field guns.
Antigel AD  Nekor automatic cannon 40,000 Solo Tb S18-1100 AA-Mount.jpg Replacement for Nk-38 guns purchased from Nekor. Employed in a vast number of applications.
M5175  Tarsas Mortar 650,000 USMC-120419-M-AB169-002.jpg 60mm light mortar.
M8183  Tarsas Mortar 430,000 JGSDF 81mm Mortar L16.JPG 81mm mortar.
M12081  Tarsas Mortar 220,000 GIs in Konar Province -b.jpg 120mm mortar system.
Other Munitions and Explosives
RB 62  Yisrael Anti-Tank Guided Missile Countless LAHAT-01.jpg
9M113 Konkurs Template:Country data TAR Anti-tank missile Countless Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - Russian-Made Missile Found in Hezbollah Hands.jpg

Towed and Stationary Artillery

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
M19105X Howtizer  Tarsas Towed Artillery Gun 15,000 M119a trimmed.jpg
Standard Mark V Artillery Gun  Tarsas Towed Artillery Gun 10,000 M777 Light Towed Howitzer 1.jpg
SH305  Tarsas Siege Artillery 20 Br-18 howitzer.JPG Siege defensive artillery built into emplacements on the Bahktaric and Maradi borders. There remains a staunch opposition to removing them from the borders due to their historical role as some of the most pivotal defenses against enemies. The guns technically remain in service but are nominally maintained and the emplacements are no longer staffed. Ammunition production ceased in 1955 and hasn't resumed since. It is unlikely the Legion would staff these guns or use them in an event of an invasion.


Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Tanks & light tanks
T13125 Atlos  Tarsas Main Battle Tank 170 Tank.png Latest indigenous MBT developed to decrease reliance on foreign suppliers. Used alongside the T80125 in Legionary armor formations. Set to be the primary MBT of the Legion by 2016.
LT95125  Tarsas Light Tank 548 Russia Arms Expo 2013 (531-28).jpg The LT95125 is a powerful light tank equipped with a 125mm smoothbore compact gun. It is capable of moving across rough terrain quickly and protected well for a light tank. The vehicle is capable of engaging in combat against other armor with a reasonable chance of success. It is equipped with a highly advanced fire control and active protection suite, which serves as its defence against enemies since it is a light tank.
T80125  Tarsas MBT 4,736 T80125.png The T80125 was the primary MBT of the Legion until the introduction of the Atlos. Tarsan forces have over 4,000 different tanks, some in service, some in storage. All will be replaced by 2028. An MRLS system has been built based on old chassis.
ISV60 Praetorian  Tarsas Infantry support tank 101
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Personnel Vehicles

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Personnel Vehicles
IFV1330  Tarsas Infantry fighting vehicle 86 Latest infantry fighting vehicle produced in Tarsas. Based off of the chassis of the T13125 Atlos main battle tank. Entered production in July of 2013.
IFV95  Tarsas Infantry fighting vehicle 2,102 Designed as the Type 65 Common Use Chassis for the Legion to use as a variety of vehicles. Introduced in 1995 to replace older IFVs in service. Comes in a variety of variants and configurations.
PC79MG  Tarsas Armored Personnel Carrier 5,023 2015년 6월 독일 하노버 국제 소방박람회 소방방재신문 최영 INTERSCHUTZ 2015 IMG 4908.JPG The PC79MG is an older design with a high carrying capacity of 14 soldiers. It is armed with up to three machine guns and is protected by a layer of steel armour. The vehicle has an extensive range and is the workhorse of the military.
PC0430  Tarsas Armored Personnel Carrier 1.294 Lippujuhlan päivän 2017 paraati 086 Patria AMV XA-361 AMOS Ps 545-4.jpg Replacement for the PC79MG. Features a 30mm remote controlled auto cannon standard. A new armour scheme of sandwiched composite panels in between steel panels provides superior protection against small arms and small caliber weapons. Several variants have been accepted for production including an ambulance, a mine protected vehicle, a command vehicle, a mortar vehicle, and an air Defense platform. Scheduled to replace all PC79s by 2017.
PC86MG  Tarsas Armored Personnel Carrier 2,827 ABC-79M.jpg Light apc developed by the now closed Ashfel Armour Works for use with the Legion. Several problems emerged such as an unreliable engine and a problematic transmission and the issues have caused the military to seek a replacement as no more variants can be designed with the closure of AAW. Only 500 of the vehicles will be maintained in reserve units and police forces and will be upgraded with an engine and transmission from Alderia Automotive.
PC12V  Tarsas Armored Personnel Carrier 12 Textron TAPV Ottawa City Hall Left View.jpg Accepted replacement for the PC86MG. Production began in 2013 and only 12 units have been delivered. Initially produced with a dual 12.7mm BMG heavy machine gun mount. Other variants will be made available with other armaments.
Pantra Trifectus  Tarsas Light utility vehicle 123 Vehicle slated to enter service alongside the Pantra LUP. It can carry heavier armour and has a more powerful engine. A number of upgrades are already planned. The vehicle was only developed in 2011 and only 123 vehicles have been delivered thus far.
Pantra Light Utility Platform  Tarsas Light utility vehicle 40,726 Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen Norwegian military fq.jpg Most widely used service vehicle in Tarsas. In service with the Reserve Legion, Imperial Air Legion, Imperial Sea Legion, and the Imperial Legion. Several hundred in service with the police as well. It was developed in 1978 as a replacement for older vehicles and comes in ten different variants. As of now, the military has no plans to decommission its fleet and it is rumoured Pantra Trucks is working on an upgrade.
Alderia Locust  Tarsas Motorcycle 20,727 Armstrong mt500.jpg Motorcycle designed in 1984 and produced up until 1998. Several upgrades and successors have been proposed but none have been accepted as of yet. In service with all branches of the armed forces as well as over 7,000 cycles in storage.

Artillery and Air Defence Vehicles

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Mobile Artillery and Air Defense Vehicles
SPG-22 Regulus  Tarsas Self Propelled Artillery 250 The SPG-22 Regulus is the current largest SPG in the Legion. It is a licensed built modified variant of the T-155 Centurion. It comes with a 203mm gun and is capable of multiple shell simultaneous impact and can fire.
SPG203 Venator  Tarsas Self Propelled Artillery 1,420 Though phased out of front line service with the legion in favor of the 203mm SPG-22 Regulus, large numbers are still in service in Dacia, Albiya, and Nehaven and with the Reserve Legion.
T-155 Centurion  Tarsas Self propelled artillery 1,750 SPG155.jpg
SPG84105  Tarsas Self Propelled Artillery 630 Light SPG based off of a shortened version of the Type 65 Common chassis equipped with a 105mm gun and introduced in 1984. The decreased weight makes the vehicle more mobile than is heavier counterpart. Capable of being air dropped and serving in a light support role. Popular with the Legion as well as the Reserve Legion.
MRLS63122  Tarsas Multiple rocket launch system 290 BM-21Ural-375D.jpg MRLS system unveiled in 1963. Thousands were produced but eventually most were retired. 290 remain in service with the Reserve Legion.
MRLS75220  Tarsas Multiple rocket launch system 1,500 [[Ураган-1М - Тренировка курсантов Михайловской военной артиллерийской академии в стрельбе из артиллерийских орудий и вождении военной техники|170px]] MRLS developed by Pantra Trucks. Fires 220mm rockets out of a rear mounted platform. Latest variants include GPS and laser guided munitions as well as increased engine power.
MRLS83300  Tarsas Multiple rocket launch system 550 9К58 Смерч 3.jpg Latest MRLS developed for use by the Legion. Fires 300mm rockets at an extensive range. Later upgrades include a gas turbine engine, a computerised fire control and navigation system, and increased armor.
WM-100 Thermobaric Rocket System  Tarsas Multiple rocket launch system 450 TARos1.png MRLS system based off a chassis conversion of old T80125 tanks. 700 are due to be converted.
AG04130  Tarsas Coastal defense gun 120 Bereg ky 2.jpg Defensive gun designed to find a use for 130mm naval guns built for a prototype destroyer. Deployed mostly in the Reserve Legion.
Air defence vehicles
AAG9035  Tarsas/ Arthurista SPAAG 427 Kalustoesittely itsenäisyyspäivä 2015 17 Leopard 2 Marksman.JPG AA system based off the chassis of the T80125. Produced for use against Ulthrannic helicopter gunships and infantry formations.
AAM03 SAM System  Tarsas Transportable gun/SAM system 843 Pantsir-S1 Weapon System with radar antenna.jpg Primary mounted mobile AA system of the Empire introduced in 2003.
AAG9630  Tarsas SPAAG 1,254 2008 Moscow Victory Day Parade - 9K22 Tunguska.jpg
Praetor SAM System  Tarsas Medium range SAM 405 Tor-M1 SAM (2).jpg Surface to air missile system developed for service with anti air brigades. Mounted on several different chassis.
Long Range Anti Aircraft System  Tarsas Surface to air missile 4,290 Oboronexpo2014part2-35.jpg Primary long range SAM of the Empire. The launcher is capable of firing heavy SAM missiles. It is most prominently known for the hundreds of land based batteries that exist around the nation to protect Tarsan airspace.

Logistics and Miscellaneous Vehicles

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Logistics and Miscellaneous Vehicles
Pantra S15 15 Ton  Tarsas General Purpose Military Truck 35,384
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Military truck produced in the mid 1970s. Its rugged construction and simple design have made it a favorite with the military as well as civilians and over 35,000 trucks have been produced for both the military and for civilian use. Offered with a variety of diesel engines.
Pantra S8 8 Ton  Tarsas General Purpose Military Truck 30,284
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Oldest military truck still in service with the Legion. It has unrivaled reliability and service life. Produced in similar numbers to the 15 Ton for civilians and the military. Production ceased in 1994 to make room for 15 Ton production.
Pantra Standard Light Truck  Tarsas Light Military Truck 2,857 170px Official replacement designed by Pantra for the S8. Entered production in 2004 and has been integrated with most active logistics and service units.
Pantra S14  Tarsas Heavy Military Transport Truck 1,540
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Second support platform developed after the SLT was shown to be lacking in off road capability and would not be able to fully replace the S8.
Pantra Heavy Transporter  Tarsas Heavy Military Transport Truck 8,290
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Heavy military truck developed in the late 1960s for use with the Legion. Popular with civilians as well as the military. Several variants exist including a gas turbine equipped production vehicle. The military has begun to sell off old trucks to private sources.
Standard Military Truck  Tarsas General Purpose Military Truck 1,340
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New vehicle platform introduced to replace the S15 and S8 by Pantra Trucks in 2006. Available in 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8.
Heavy Standard Military Truck  Tarsas Heavy Military Transport Truck 706
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Replacement for the Pantra Heavy Transporter. It is capable of pulling even more weight than its predecessor and will be offered with a diesel engine or gas turbine.

Engineering and Special Vehicles

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Engineering Vehicles
T80EV  Tarsas Engineering vehicle 1,540
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Engineering vehicle based off of the T80125. Two sub variants, one equipped with a dozer blade and crane and another equipped with a heavy bucket scoop, were produced from 1984 onward. They are extensively used throughout all sub branches of the Legion. Plans to eventually develop a vehicle based off the T13125 Atlos are under discussion.
T80ARV  Tarsas Armored Recovery Vehicle 430
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Armored recovery vehicle developed off of the T80125. Produced in small numbers from 1983 onward. The rugged design and engine upgrade options have resulted in the design working with the successor to the T80125. It is the only T80125 based vehicle still in limited small scale production. A successor based off the T13125 Atlos chassis will be in service next year.
T80ABL  Tarsas Armored Bridge Layer 1,210
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Armored bridge laying vehicle in service with the legion. A twenty meter bridge can be deployed using a hydraulic bridge laying system in only seven to twelve minutes. Exported extensively to Dacia.


Rank Legio Class 1 Legio Class 2 Legio Class 3 Legio Class 4 Legio Class 5
R1 14,000 15,000 17,000 17,500 18,000
R2 14,500 15,500 17,600 18,300 19,000
R3 16,000 17,000 18,000 18,500 20,000
R4 16,500 17,500 18,500 19,500 20,500
R5 18,000 19,000 20,000 20,500 21,000
R6 18,700 19,500 20,500 21,500 22,000
R7 19,500 20,500 21,500 22,500 23,000
R8 21,000 22,000 23,000 24,000 26,000
R9 25,000 26,000 27,000 28,000 30,000
OI 30,000 30,500 31,000 32,000 33,000
OII 31,500 33,000 35,000 37,000 39,000
OIII 42,000 43,000 44,000 45,000 47,000
OIV 50,000 53,000 55,000 57,000 58,000
OV 55,000 58,000 61,000 62,000 62,500
OVI 60,000 65,000 70,000 75,000 80,000
OVII 70,000 75,000 80,000 84,000 90,000
OVIII 80,000 85,000 90,000 95,000 100,000
OVIX 90,000 95,000 100,000 120,000 150,000