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Hexapistianism is a major religion on Anacarri, and is composed of many branches of the church who claim to be Hexapistian, which share the same beliefs in tradition, theology, doctrine, liturgy, ethics and spirituality.

''Hexapistianism" and "'Hexapistian"' in this sense refer to various Hexapistian churches, as well as their beliefs and practices. This sense is to be distinguished from the use of these words to refer to the Superior Hexapistian Church, that which is in full communion with Ifavia, as well as the Western Hexapistian Church (commonly called the "Inferior Church" by those apart of the Superior).

In the sense of indicating historical continuity of faith and practice from the first millennium, the term "Hexapistian" is employed by many other historic churches, such as the Churhc of the Faith, Church of the Gifts, Methodist Church, Moravian Church, and Reformed Church, all of which claim to be "heirs of the apostolic faith". These Hexapistian denominations consider themselves to be Hexapistian, teaching that the term "designates the historic, orthodox mainstream of Hexapistianism whose doctrine was defined by the ecumenical councils and creeds" and as such, most Reformers "appealed to this Hexapistian tradition and believed they were in continuity with it."