Haddock Sea

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Haddock Sea
The northern Geadish coast on the Haddock Sea
Location Between Geadland and Txotai to the south and Vyvland to the north
Type Sea
Basin countries Vyvland, Geadland, Namor, Luziyca (some definitions)
Max. width 652km (405mi)
Islands Leghel, Daydmion, Storholm, Kafren and others

The Haddock Sea (Geadish: Üsemir, Luziycan: Piksha Mare, Swedish: Koljahav, Vyvlander: Hektsee) is a body of water between Vyvland, Luziyca, Txotai in Namor, and Geadland in Northwestern Esquarium. It is approximately 400 miles across at its narrowest point, from the port of Temsvaal in the Southwest province of Vyvland to near Arje on the Geadish island of Leghel. The sea has cultural significance on both sides as the area between Vyvland and the continent and, more broadly, the wider world. It is thus often referenced in Vyvlander culture as a boundary line or divider between Vyvland and foreign countries. The sea, due to its funnel-like undersea profile, is prone to flooding, with the most recent severe flood occurring in 1955.