HT9A8 'Istrenyr'

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HT9A8 'Istrenyr'
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Theatre Entry Standard HT9A8 Block I
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin
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Anemos Major
Service history
In service 2012 -
Used by
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Anemos Major
Wars Asakuran Occupation
Production history
Designer OTD Imperial Army
Designed 1998 - 2012
Manufacturer Fierei-Oblastinei IECpl, Fyrkondierikan Military-Industrial
Produced 2012 -
Weight 66.50t (base combat weight)
73.80t (w/ combat applique)
Length 8.1m (hull)
11.3 (gun forward)
Width 3.7m (hull)
4.1m (SCSP skirts)
Height 2.2m (turret roof)
2.7m (incl. PRWS)
Crew 3 (commander, gunner, driver)

Armor Modular alloy/ceramic composite armour, HERA/NERA applique
128mm SC12.4 55 calibre solid propellant smoothbore cannon (42 rounds, 30 ready)
12.7mm MG/H8A3 heavy machinegun (2000 rounds, 12.7x99mm HEIAP/HEIAP-T mix)
20mm M.30 Automatic Cannon (1000 rounds, 20x120mm CTA APFSDS-T)
Engine MA.252/mod H2 22L OP10 Hyperbar Diesel
2,000 hp (1,491kW)
Power/weight 30.08 hp/tonne
Transmission FMA MHPT M.550 Semi-Automatic, epicyclic gearing, hydrokinetic torque conversion (6 forward, 2 reverse)
Suspension In-Arm Hydractive
Ground clearance Varies
490km (internal fuel, road)
Speed 74km/h (road)
52km/h (cross country)
0-32km/h in 4.8s (acceleration)

The HT9A8 'Istrenyr' (Anemonian: Īstraenyr, "lancer wyvern") is an Anemonian main battle tank, developed and produced as the successor to the HT9A7 'Yvernyr' as the Imperial Army of Anemos Major's armoured response to developments in the modern battlefield and its corresponding and continually developing requirements. It is the first vehicle to be produced under the aegis of Fiensietyr II, the successor program to 2000's 'Fiensietyr' Army Domestic Vehicle Development Program.

Designed primarily for armour-on-armour engagements in a highly networked combat environment, the HT9A8 combines its superior characteristics in the three traditional pillars of armoured combat - firepower, protection, and mobility - with high-performance sensors, multi-level networking and a highly modular basic design to maximise its combat potential on the cutting-edge battlefield. Marking the culmination of a separate and longer line of development to that responsible for the creation of its predecessor, the HT9A8's adoption of a radical low-profile alteration of the classical layout and a high performance main armament in conjuction with further developed 'asymmetric' munitions following from those implemented and employed to considerable effect by the HT9A7 have resulted in a uniquely offensively capable, tactically and strategically mobile combat tank capable of meeting, outmanoeuvring and destroying any battlefield threats.

Entering serial production in 2012, the first HT9A8 (Block I) models began field service in frontline formations in January 2013, with full first stage delivery completed by June.

Development and Service





Crew Amenities and Survivability



Imperial Army of Anemos Major: 2000 vehicles. Block I in active service with the Imperial Army since 2012. Gradually being phased in as a direct replacement for HT9A7 Block I equipped Armoured formations, full replacement of all HT9A7s is expected by 2015.