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EditorJan Haldaal
CategoriesSatirical news magazine
Circulation135,000 (2014)
Year founded1986
CompanyGyt Publikazions
Based inVlud, Vyvland

Gyttoidengs (/ˈɡʏttoideŋz/, English: Goat News) is a Vyvlander weekly satirical news magazine. It was founded by Fe Bysbereer journalists Karl Engelraagen and Kurt Gernodson in 1986 and has been published weekly since 1989. It has for many years been Vyvland's most popular satirical publication. In the 2000s it also branched out into investigative journalism in the style of the Geadish satirical magazine Enrume Ogen; this content tends to be placed at the back of the magazine.

The magazine's mascot is a goat, visible in its masthead and referred to in its name. The goat is a running joke in the magazine, where any inane, random or generic item will be referred to as a goat. The magazine's name and mascot stem from a slur among foreigners, particularly football fans, that Vyvlanders are obsessed - or even keen on sexual relations - with goats.


The magazine is deliberately styled in an unprofessional way, a theme settled on in the mid-1990s after a series of editing mistakes in the magazine. This is most notable in its logo, which contains a red underline under each of its words reminiscent of a misspelt word in a word processor spelling check. In keeping with the unprofessional style, Gyttoidengs uses gaudy themes and novelty fonts in some features, and originally left pages intentionally blank in the middle of the magazine (though this practice has tended to stop these days for cost reasons). Capital letters were originally completely eschewed in the magazine's written features, but were introduced in the third issue after readers complained about readability. They are still absent from most article titles and the masthead.