Global Trade and Security Accord

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Global Trade and Security Accord
Motto: "Unity through struggle, power through unity"
Anthem: MediaPlayer.png
Brillian, High Alemmanic
Type Coalition, Military alliance, economic alliance
Legislature Grand Chamber
 -  Millennium Concordat 2000 
 -  GTSA founded 2004 

The Global Trade and Security Accord (GTSA) is an economic and political alliance of several states all throughout Aeia. It was founded between Brilliania and Arstvin in 2004, with several other states joining in the following years. Including Kavalerilant in 2006...

Member states

Member and observer states of the Global Trade and Security Accord:

Country Membership Year of Entry
 Arstvin full member 2004
 Brilliania full member 2004
KavalerishFlag1.png Kavalerilant full member 2006
 Kodesh full member ???
 Naharin full member ???
 Sidi Synnia full member ???
 Vidoria full member ???


Positions of the alliance