Ghantboy Politics

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Ghantboy Politics
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Book cover from the original edition
Author Nymun Izzy
Original title Ghantboy Politics
Country  Ghant
Language Ghantish, English
Published 2012
Pages 300
Awards National Award for Satire
Preceded by Yellow Snow

Ghantboy Politics is a Ghantish political satire novel consisting of how Ghantish policy would be conducted by Ghantboy. It was made as a lampoon of Ghantish politicians and the political scene in Ghant at large in the 21st century. Many of the strategies used by Ghantboy in the book are references to tactics used by Ghantish politicians of the time. The book was published in July of 2012 and was well received throughout the nation, and was a national bestseller. The book was popular, albeit controversial abroad.

According to political scientist Martin Araana, it is "a classic in modern Ghantish political science that serves as both a lampoon and a sign of the times."



Nymun Izzy, otherwise known as Nymun Izarbegiratzeak, was born in Gauekoizarra, Ghant in December 22, 1944, to a minor noble family in the city. He later attended the University of Ghish from 1963 to 1967, earning a degree in Political Science. However, he chose to instead become a comedian, writer, social critic, actor and political satirist. He became famous in the late 60s for his emphasis on black comedy and cutting edge, biting lampoons, under the name Nynum Izzy. He would go on to become a co founder of The Nibbler, as well as author many books.

Some of his books included Goat Head Soup, Dumbass Diplomacy, Cavalier Attitude', Goosey Holuse, Save the Princess, White Knight Syndrome and Yellow Snow.

Having become increasingly disillusioned with contemporary Ghantish politics in the 21st century, Nymun Izzy decided to work with his longtime friend Doran Ezkibel, creator of Ghantboy, on a political satire of modern Ghantish politics from the perspective of Ghantboy.

One day I woke up with an idea in my head from a dream I had the night before. In this dream, Ghantboy was an elected official, in a position of leadership. And in this dream, the things that Ghantboy was doing was ridiculous, and dangerous. And then I realized that this was what many elected officials in Ghant were doing, and that was when I decided to lampoon them using Ghantboy. So I called up Doran, and when I told him my idea, he loved it. So we got to work right away.

Critical Reception

The book was well received by critics, who praised Nymun for his willingness to push the envelope and challenge the establishment. The book became the number one bestseller after its release, and remained so in Ghant from July until October of 2012, when it was displaced by Robert of Demphor's 21 Arguments.

A Selection of Ghantboy Strategies for Success

Most of the “strategies for success” are tongue in check references to tactics often used by Ghantish politicians in terms of both domestic and foreign policy. Although Nymun never gave names to who is lampooned, several politicians have came out and said that Ghantboy is mocking things that they did.

# Summary Artwork
'Strategies for Success'
#1 Go in Guns Blazing: Ghantboy knows that nothing endears himself more to others then arriving Guns Blazing. Making a big entrance and showing a blatant disregard for the establishment is a great way of making a good first impression.
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#2 Be a Handyman: When Ghantboy sees a problem, he fixes it. Ghantboy makes himself available to tend to the needs of others. Ghantboy makes himself a handyman. Being a good handyman will make Ghantboy many friends.
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#3 Play the Popularity Contest: Making lot’s of friends and becoming an asset will increase Ghantboy’s popularity. Ghantboy will play the popularity contest to increase his influence.
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#4 Sell Out: Somewhere along the way, Ghantboy will have to sell out in order to progress. Maybe this means compromising a core value, betraying a basic principle, or just doing the opposite of something that Ghantboy said he would do.
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#5 Be a Celebrity: Ghantboy will ride the wave all the way to the top of the food chain. Ghantboy is prepared to be a celebrity once he gets there. Ghantboy will enjoy it…while it lasts.
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#6 Be the Paragon of Excellence: Ghantboy lives and breathes and exudes greatness. Everything Ghantboy does is fantastic. Ghantboy becomes the Paragon of Excellence.
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#7 Screw Around: Ghantboy is a paragon of excellence, he worked hard to get there. Ghantboy learns to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and takes full advantage of his success. Ghantboy will screw around, and enjoy doing it.
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#8 Take Some Hits: Being the Paragon of Excellence will earn Ghantboy haters, and those that would attempt to cast him down for their own purposes. Ghantboy learns to take some hits. Ghantboy let’s them hit him, and the strength of Ghantboy’s status absorbs the hits.
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#9 Be the Judge: At some point, Ghantboy’s credibility will begin to diminish after taking all those hits. Well, Ghantboy knows what to do. Ghantboy will be the judge. Sometimes being the judge means that Ghantboy will have to deal with potential threats.
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#10 Play the Violin for the Haters: In addition, Ghantboy mocks those who target him. Ghantboy will play the violin for his haters, because hey, the song is oh so sweet.
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#11 Wield the Hammer: Being top dog comes with having a hammer. Ghantboy has a big hammer and is prepared to wield the hammer. Ghantboy does not hesitate to drop it on the heads of those who challenge him, crushing them instantly.
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#12 Blow Up: Ghantboy let’s people know that he is not interested in playing games…at least games that he is not the master of. He will blow up to get his point across.
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#13 Knock em Out: Ghantboy realizes that others will begin to question his tactics or challenge his leadership. Ghantboy is prepared to knock em out. This can be done with the strength of a sound argument, or just by intimidating them into submission by jacking them in the face.
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#14 Stab em in the Back: Sometimes, difficult choices need to be made in the name of the greater good. Ghantboy is prepared to stab em in the back. Ghantboy makes sure to tenderly insert his knife into the back, and then twists it ever so gently just so they know he loves them.
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#15 Be Toxic: Ghantboy knows that dripping poison from his fangs is a great way to keep people interested. Ghantboy is prepared to be toxic. That should help him keep his friends!
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#16 Scorch the Earth: Oh no, Ghantboy is in danger! What should he do! Ghantboy knows what to do...scorch the earth. Ghantboy knows that if he cannot be the political boss, no one can.
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#17 Ball and Chain: Of course, this is going hurt Ghantboy. Ghantboy is prepared to accept the ball and chain. Patu states that all actions are to be held accountable. Ghantboy accepts this.
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#18 Walk Away: Ghantboy is prepared to pack his things and move on. Sometimes in life, it is best to walk away. The cosmos is a vast place, and Ghantboy can always find a new home somewhere else.
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#19 Be Sorry: Ghantboy also knows that it is important to learn from his actions. There will always be things that Ghantboy could have done better, or differently. Although Ghantboy cannot take anything back, he can always be sorry.
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#20 Reputation: Wherever Ghantboy is, or whatever Ghantboy is doing, he will have a "reputation". Ghantboy grinds his axe and keeps a chip on his shoulder. Ghantboy will never forget…
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 Arkiasis: The book received critical acclaim and widespread praise and made it to the top of the Algonquin Times Best Seller List for four weeks in September and October of 2012. Nymun Izzy also appeared as a guest on several Arkiasian TV shows following the books success.

 Demphor: The book received positive reactions in Demphor. One publisher called it "a bestselling satire."

North Deweden North Deweden: Ghantboy Politics was hugely popular in Deweden with many describing it as one of the best books Ghant had to offer in 2012. The book was so popular that it created a Ghantboy fandom in Deweden.

 Ghant: The book received instant bestseller status and became a cultural phenomena after it was published. Although political scientists and the public gave the book widespread praise, the Ghantish political community slammed it for mocking them and undermining the reputation of elected officials. Prime Minister Alonso Tobar even went as far as to say that “this book does more harm than good, and gives foreign nations a poor representation of Ghant, and is a dangerous influence on the vulnerable minds.” Tobar’s popularity, already diminishing, further went down after his public opposition to the book, and likely cost him the 2012 general election.

 Lanos: One unnamed Lanosian political commentator wondered when the Emperor of Ghant would declare himself an absolute ruler again in the face of the book parodying the Ghantish elected political system. Otherwise, the book was a good seller in Lanos.

North Rietumimark North Rietumimark: The book, immediately after it's release, was banned for the "mentality of people" and "security reasons". Stating it's possible use as a "weapon against the North Rietumish government and Ghantboy's corrupting influences on the mental state of ordinary Rietumish people."

 South Rietumimark: It was a bestseller in South Rietumimark, and made it to the no. 1 Royal Bestseller charts, holding the top spot for three weeks.

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