George Lewis II

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George Lewis II
Monarch of Arsfarszka
Assumed office
Personal details
Born George Lewis
August 14th, 1991
Nationality Arsfarszkan
Political party Conservative Party
Spouse(s) N/A
Alma mater Naszkania University of Politics
Profession Monarch's Son (1991-2016), Monarch (2016-Today)
Religion Christian

George Lewis II is the son of George Lewis I and the current monarch of Arsfarszka. He is the first ever leader in the history of Arsfarszka to instate a voting policy for any future leaders besides himself successfully. George Lewis II has led the country for only a few months and has currently reformed the country from near-fascist dictatorship to capitalist republic/democracy.


Being the child of George Lewis I, he got everything he wanted as a child. He was hidden from the world of political turmoil that was the country, and told everything was 'fine outside'. He was forbidden from leaving the home due to possibly kidnapping and/or assassination. Upon his father's death and his subsequent rise to power, he turned everything around immediately, having been disgusted with the state of the country.