George Lewis II

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George Lewis II
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Monarch of Arsfarszka
In office
2016 – April 6th, 2017
Personal details
Born George Lewis
August 14th, 1991
Nationality Arsfarszkan
Political party Conservative Party
Spouse(s) N/A
Alma mater Naszkania University of Politics
Profession Monarch's Son (1991-2016), Monarch (2016-April 6th, 2017)
Religion Christian

George Lewis II is the son of George Lewis I and a monarch of Arsfarszka. He is the first ever leader in the history of Arsfarszka to instate a voting policy for any future leaders besides himself successfully. George Lewis II had led the country for only a few months and had reformed the country from near-fascist dictatorship to capitalist republic/democracy.


Being the child of George Lewis I, he got everything he wanted as a child. He was hidden from the world of political turmoil that was the country, and told everything was 'fine outside'. He was forbidden from leaving the home due to possibly kidnapping and/or assassination. Upon his father's death and his subsequent rise to power, he turned everything around immediately, having been disgusted with the state of the country.

Early End of Rule

Not being one for ruler-ship, George Lewis II hosted an election early on before his reign ended, and Richard Lee was elected.