George, Prince of Verena

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Prince George
Prince George of Cambridge color fix.jpg
Born (2015-04-21) 21 April 2015 (age 3)
Blackdonian Palace, Blackdon, Afalia
Full name
George Frederick John Joseph
HouseHouse of Antenfoi-Blackdon
FatherPrince Frederick, Duke of Blartleo
MotherQueen Amelia of Afalia
ReligionBaptised in the Church of Afalia

George, Prince of Verena (George Frederick John Joseph Antenfoi-Blackdon; born 21 April 2015) is the child and heir apparent of Queen Amelia. Born in April 2015 George is the first child born to Queen Amelia and her husband, Prince Frederick, Duke of Blartleo, and therefore first in line to succeed the throne after his mother. Although part of the Afalian Royal Family and a distant descendant of King Daavnd of Afalia, through his father he is descended of Lyncanestrian royalty and closely related to the Imperial Family.

Announcement and birth

On 5 September 2014, the Blackdonian Palace announced that the Queen was pregnant with the couple's first child, drawing considerable media attention. The palace later confirmed in February that the baby was due around 21 April. In the early morning of 21 April, the Queen entered the first stages of labour and was admitted into St. Thomas's Hospital, in which she gave birth to the prince. The next morning, the Queen and the Duke of Blartleo announced the little prince's name and appeared with him on the balcony of the Blackdonian Palace to present him to the Afalian public.