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Gaz National
Type Société anonyme
Traded as GazNat
Industry Natural gas
Crude oil
Founded 5th of March 1950
Founder(s) Lucas Besson
Headquarters Valence, Valcluse
Area served Valcluse, Central Wilassia
Key people Marc Poincaré (CEO)
Products Petrochemicals
Services Retail, logistics
Revenue ₣17.3 billion ($4.5 billion)
Operating income ₣1.16 billion ($305 million)
Net income ₣722 million ($190 million)
Total assets ₣165.6 billion ($43.5 billion)
Owner(s) Government of Valcluse (majority shareholder)
Employees 4,600
Subsidiaries SNP

Gaz National (English), traded as GazNat, is a Valclusian energy company, based in Valence. It is involved in the extraction, distribution and sale of natural gas in Valcluse and central Wilassia. GazNat also has similar investments in the crude oil and petrochemical industries.

It was founded in March 1950 as a state owned enterprise and remained as such until it was floated in 1980. It was partially re-nationalized in 1995 and the government has since remained a majority shareholder.