Gareth Curren

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Gareth Peter Curren
BornGareth Peter Curren
(1960-10-24)October 24, 1960
Broadplace, Harling Island, Afalia
DiedJanuary 9, 2017(2017-01-09) (aged 56)
Tiioontybaan, Anneland, Afalia
Cause of deathShot dead by Afalian forces
NationalityAfalian/Claimed 'Harlinger'
EducationBroadplace College
TitleChief Volunteer Harling Freedom Army
Term7 March 2006-9 January 2017
PredecessorNicholas Dustings
ReligionRoman Catholic
Criminal statusMost Wanted Man in Afalia 2006-2017
SpouseJoanne Smith

Gareth Peter Curren (24 October 1960 - 9 January 2017), sometimes known by his former codename "Theo", was the Chief Volunteer or leader of the Harling Freedom Army, an organisation dedicated to a force of arms campaign against the Kingdom of Afalia to gain independence for the island of Harling. Between 2006 and 2017 Curren led the organisation in a conflict with the Afalian state known as the Harling Terrors. In 2017 during a mission by joint Afalian Army and Afalian Intelligence Service forces to find and capture Curren he was shot dead after trying to escape.

Curren's organisation claimed responsibility for various attacks within Afalia against civilians and military personnel including the 8th November attacks, the deadliest terror attack in Afalian history. Under Afalian law the HFA is a proscribed terrorist organisation and it carries this definition in many other states as well. From the 7th of March 2010 when his idenity was revealed by the Afalian Intelligence Service Curren was the most wanted man under the Royal Blackdon Police's National Crime Agency Most Wanted Criminals list.

Born in Broadplace, Harling Island in 1960 Curren was the son of a prominent member of the HFA during the first terror campaign of 1975-1979. During the first terror campaign Curren worked within the HFA supplying intelligence on Royal Blackdon Police operations. Although the organisation disbanded upon defeat by the police in 1979 Curren remained active within the Harling Independence community and supported a force of arms campaign to gain independence. Upon the discovery of oil in Harling in 2005 and the subsequent government decision to drill Curren announced the reformation of the organisation in 2006 and became the new Chief Volunteer of the organisation, declaring a force of arms campaign against the Afalian state until Harling gained its independence.

He worked under the codename "Theo" for four years until his identity was discovered by the AIS in 2010. Curren was the most wanted man in Afalia under the Most Wanted Criminals List, published annually. He was wanted in connection with all of the HFA related bombings, military attacks and civilian attacks which have taken place in Harling and the Afalian mainland from 2006. His whereabouts were unknown for years but following the 8-N attacks and dramatic increase in violence across Harling in 2013 and 2014 Prime Minister Christopher Kelly launched a secret operation, Operation Yuletide, to find and capture or kill Curren in June 2014. Despite presumptions that he was hiding on Harling Island the joint forces of the Afalian Army's specialist Bush Hunter regiment and Afalian Intelligence Service (AIS) discovered he was hiding on the Afalian mainland. After the assassination of Christopher Kelly, Curren appeared on video claimed responsibility for, the National Crime Agency reiterated his status as the most wanted criminal in Afalia. In 2016 AIS confirmed intelligence that his hiding place was in the tiny outback hamlet of Tiioontybaan in Anneland in the very middle of Afalia. On the 9th of January the joint forces of Op. Yuletide moved in to arrest Curren and his small group of guards but he was shot dead after firing a rifle and attempting to escape. His three guards all surrendered. The death of Curren came during peace talks between HFA representatives and the government on Winlock Island.

Prime Minister Jessica Shaw announced the death of Curren on the 9th of January 2017 shortly after confirmation of Curren's death from Op. Yuletide operatives. After Curren's identity was confirmed and his death established a Catholic priest flown in to give Curren the last rites as per his religion. Peace talks in Winlock Island between HFA political representatives and the Afalian government led by Shaw were suspended for the day.