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Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin Graditoraflagv2.png Graditora
Service history
In service 1978-Present
Used by Graditoraflagv2.png Graditora
Wars Rain War

Peoplist Revolution

Production history
Designed 1971-1977
Manufacturer Graditoran Arms

MacTavish Armor and Weapons

Unit cost 6.8 million NSG$ or 4.25 million G$
Produced 1978-Present
Number built 6,678 as of 2013
Weight 64 tons
Length 10m with gun forward
Width 3.5m
Height 3m
Crew 3 (Commander, Gunner, Driver)

Armor ERA, AMAP, Chobham, RH Armor, Depleted Uranium Strike Plates(DUSP), and Kevlar Mesh.
140mm Smoothbore Cannon L/50
M2HB mounted in an RWS and a coaxial mounted 20mm autocannon
Engine GM-1500-TEMF
1,500 Horse Power
Power/weight 25
Transmission GM-TT574
Suspension Hydropneumatic suspension
Ground clearance 0.45 m
Fuel capacity 2,000 litres
300 miles
Speed 50 MPH(On Road), 30 MPH(Off Road)

The GM-5 is a Third Generation main battle tank (MBT) currently in service with the Graditoran Military. It was designed by Graditoran Arms and built by Graditoran Arms and MacTavish Armor. Designed for modern armored warfare, the GM-5 is known for its mixture of speed and armor.

Some innovative features include the adoption of a multifuel engine, the use of composite armor , an autoloader, and separates the ammunition from the crew placing it in the rear surrounded by a heavily armored section of armor protecting the crew. The GR-5 MBT entered Graditoran services in 1978, replacing older outdated tank designs and being updated to modern specifications since its introduction. It currently replaces the GM-4 as Graditora's MBT.


There is currently only one other variant of the GM-5A1. Labeled as GM-5A1O. The O stand for the Oscillating turret. GR-5A1O

The O variant has retained and in some areas increased amounts of turret armor. The oscillating turret lightens the load on the tank taking it from a heavy cumbersome weight of 64 tons to around 50 tons. Due to lower weight the engine performance has also substantially increased.