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GM-4A3 Along with the engineering and modern export variant.
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin FTPAFlag.png Fashiontopia

Graditoraflagv2.png Graditora

Service history
In service 1964-Present
Used by FTPAFlag.png Fashiontopia

Graditoraflagv2.png Graditora

Wars Annexation of La Bain

Rain War

Peoplist Revolution

Production history
Designed 1959-1963
Manufacturer Graditoran Arms

MacTavish Armor and Weapons

Produced 1964-Present
Variants Combat



Bridge Layer

Weight 72 tons
Crew 4 (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver)

Armor In the GM-4A3 is the following armors: ERA, Double layered AMAP, Chobham, RH Armor, Depleted Uranium Strike Plates(DUSP), and Kevlar Mesh.
140mm Smoothbore Cannon L/75
M2HB mounted in an RWS and a coaxial mounted 20mm autocannon
Engine GM-1500-TEMF
1,500 Horse Power
Power/weight 22
Transmission GM-TT550
Suspension Torsion Bar Suspension or Hydropneumatic suspension
Ground clearance 0.60 m
Fuel capacity 1,875 litres
250 miles
Speed 38 MPH(On Road), 30 MPH(Off Road)

The GM-4 is a main battle tank (MBT) currently in service with the Graditoran Military as a heavy support tank or for engineering, ambulance, and bridge laying services.

Being the first main development of a Graditoran MBT with the intentions to increase armor protection and firepower over the utility of speed, the GM-4 was nothing new to Graditoran tankers of the time which followed Graditoran tank doctrines from the Second Endwar with ease and was the best replacement tank for older models like the GM-38 medium tank that had served before it with great distinction.