Free Anikatia Movement

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Anikatian government-in-exile
Government in exile

Flag Emblem
Capital Antiytia
Capital-in-exile Isn Deslen (1951-1955)
Oured, D.A. (1955-2001)
Government Provisional government
 - 1951-1953 Jeon Choong-sik (first)
 - 1983-2001 David Choe (last)
Historical era Cold War
 - Retreat to Isn Deslen due to Anikatian Civil War. May 1, 1951
 - Fall of the DSRA October 28, 2001
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The Vanderbilt Winter Home, where the Anikatian government was based in Oured, D.A., Emmeria.

The Free Anikatia Movement, also known as Free Anikatia or the Anikatian government-in-exile was the government in exile of the Republic of Anikatia. The FAM, as it became known throughout Free Pardes, organized an active insurgency within the DSRA and a émigré society abroad in host nations such as Belfras, Belhavia, Emmeria, and Arthurista. The government-in-exile was beset of assassinations, spies, and raids by DSRA forces, and struggled to structure itself coherently in its first years.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the FAM and DSRA exchanged increasingly bloody and violent clashes across the world and in Anikatia. In the 1990s, the FAM fought hard politically with its allies and geopolitical patrons such as the URE and Belhavia to maintain their opposition to the DSRA in light of its liberalizing and democratizing reforms.

After the fall of the communist government on October 17th, 2001 in the face of popular discontent with the regime opened up a process where moderate elements of the former DSRA, now organizing themselves as an independent provisional government, met with the FAM in Lion's Rock in October 19th and organized a temporary caretaker government ahead of free democratic elections on October 28th. With the accord in place, FAM operatives arrived in Antiytia and worked with provisional government officials to run the country as disorder and uncertainty ran amok, and the FAM was allowed to partake in the elections. On October 28th, many FAM-backed candidates won in the elections, and the FAM dissolved itself as the new Republic of Anikatia was inaugurated.

Background and exile

Opposition to the DSRA

Fall of the DSRA

Return to Power (2001)