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The foreign relations of the Christian States are the Christian States' relations with other governments and peoples. Unionist governments have traditionally maintained active relations with other nations, mostly through multilateral organizations such as the League of Christian Nations.


the Christian States' international relations are the responsibility of the Christian States Department of State (DOS), which is run by the Secretary of State, a position currently held by Victoria Wagner. Traditionally the President has played a prominent role in foreign affairs decisions.

Foreign aid

The Christian States's foreign aid is administered by the Department of State, which provides aid and assistance to other countries around the world through various methods. The strategy of the Unionist government's foreign aid policy reflects an emphasis to meet the Development Goals, while also providing assistance in response to foreign humanitarian crises. However a growing focus on development, defense, and diplomacy in recent decades has produced a concentration of foreign aid funding to countries determined to be security risks to Unionist policy. The structural emphasis on security and industry development has contributed to a fixed foreign policy that generally fails to consider global health and international social and economic inequalities.

Bilateral relations

Country Formal relations began Notes
Template:Country data Benjamin Mark 2015
  • The Christian States maintains an embassy in Carson Village
  • Benjamin Mark is represented by their embassy in Beaumont.
 Cascadian State 2015 See UCS–Casacdian relations
 Chemung 2015 Chemung is represented by an embassy in Beaumont
Template:Country data Cumberlandia 2015
Template:Country data Cristo 2015
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Template:Country data Fifthland 2015
Template:Country data Kaughmenia 2015
Template:Country data Kheerin 2015
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New Edom
Template:Country data New Hayesalia 2015
Template:Country data Nordenkalt 2015
Template:Country data Semolia 2015
Template:Country data Stahlvelka 2015
Template:Country data Virgin Island Republic 2014 See UCS-VIR Relations
  • Military protectorate of UCS
  • Embassy in Charlotte Amalie
Template:Country data War Khans 2015

Organizations with headquarters in the Christian States