Flag of Cuirpthe

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Name Den Ehrefahnne
Use Civil and State flag and Civil ensign
Proportion 1:1.66
Design A red field with a white and gold cross shifted to the hoist side. The cross is charged with interlocking golden triskeles.

The flag of Cuirpthe consists of a crimson field with a white and gold nordic cross extending to the four edges, its intersection displaced to the left hoist side. Where the cross intersects is a charge displaying two interlocking gold triskeles at the center of a gold circle. The flag was adopted officially following the People's Uprising, when it became the official state flag of the Republic of Cuirpthe. The original use of the flag was as the banner of the Duchy of Corragh, a major nation in the Cuirpthean region before Newreyan rule.


The national flag of Cuirpthe is a Lhedwinic Cross, with the intersection offset to the left hoist side. The field is a deep crimson, and the cross is white, with a smaller golden cross within. The flags proportions (width:length) are 1:1.66.

Its design was devised by Lennard Lorenz, a servant to the duke of Ballinluska. According to historical documents, the red stands for glory, and the blood of heroes who died in battle. The white stood for beauty and purity of the land. The gold stands for prosperity and the future, and each individual triskele represents the strength of the people, while them interlocking represents unity.