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Early Production
Type Light Tank and Tank Destroyer
Place of origin Graditoraflagv2.png Graditora
Service history
In service 1978-Present
Used by Graditoraflagv2.png Graditora
Wars Rain War

Peoplist Revolution

Production history
Designed 1975-1978
Manufacturer Graditoran Arms

MacTavish Armor and Weapons

Produced 1978-Present
Number built 12,537 as of 2013
Weight 14.6 tons
Crew 3 (Commander, Gunner, Driver)

Armor ERA, AMAP , 20mm of Hardened Aluminum, and Kevlar Mesh.
105mm Smoothbore Cannon L/60
1x Coaxial M2HB
Engine GM-400-TEMF
400 Horse Power
Power/weight 27
Transmission GM-LT400
Suspension Hydropneumatic suspension
Ground clearance 0.40 m
385 miles
Speed 60 MPH(On Road), 38 MPH(Off Road)

The GM-FATv2 is a light tank destroyer deployed with Graditoran forces as either a light armored reconnaissance vehicle or a tank hunter, aka tank destroyer.

While the F.A.T provided to be a solid fighting vehicle the F.A.T had mechanical unreliability plaguing it while traversing over difficult terrain due to poor torque. Due to the reparations not many were ordered and a new order of a completely new designed tank using only the tracks, road wheels, and drive wheels. The vehicles weight was dropped 5 tons and lowered the height of the chassis and designs for a new engine was submitted for a more powerful torque output while retaining the 400 HP. A new feature the F.A.T 2 comes with is the ability to be airdropped with it's crew dropped separately at the same time and can be modified for amphibious operation. While in water the gun can be fired without any tipping so long as the vehicle is settled between shots.

105mm missiles can be fired from the barrel of the gun armed with HEAT, DEMO, PAYLD, and SAM warheads. All missiles are capable of either direct or overhead flightpath excluding the SAM.