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Early Production F.A.T
Type Light Tank and Tank Destroyer
Place of origin Graditoraflagv2.png Graditora
Service history
In service 1970-Present
Used by Graditoraflagv2.png Graditora
Wars Rain War

Peoplist Revolution

Production history
Designed 1964-1969
Manufacturer Graditoran Arms

MacTavish Armor and Weapons

Produced 1970-1975
Number built 376 Completed
Variants Combat


Weight 20 tons
Crew 3 (Commander, Gunner, Driver)

Armor ERA, 20mm of RH Armor, and Kevlar Mesh.
105mm Smoothbore Cannon L/60
2x M2HB
Engine GR-399-TEMF
400 Horse Power
Power/weight 27
Transmission GR-LT380
Suspension Torsion Bar Suspension
Ground clearance 0.40 m
350 miles
Speed 60 MPH(On Road), 40 MPH(Off Road)

The F.A.T or Fast Attack Tank is a light tank destroyer deployed with Graditoran forces as either a light armored reconnaissance vehicle or a hunter of other vehicles as a tank destroyer.

The F.A.T was phased out by the F.A.T 2. Some are being kept for training tankers.