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Photograph of Eurth, taken during the EOS munar mission in 1973
Semi-major axis 149598023 km
(92955902 mi; 1.00000102 AU)
Eccentricity 0.0167086
Orbital period 365.256363004 d
(1.00001742096 yr)
Satellite of San
Physical characteristics
Mean radius 6371.0 km (3958.8 mi)
Surface area 510072000 km2 (196940000 sq mi)
Volume 1.08321×1012 km3 (2.59876×1011 cu mi)
Mass 5.97237×1024 kg (1.31668×1025 lb)
Mean density 5.514 g/cm3 (0.1992 lb/cu in)
Equatorial surface gravity9.807 m/s2 (1 g; 32.18 ft/s2)
Escape velocity11.186 km/s (40270 km/h; 25020 mph)
Axial tilt 23.4392811°
Surface pressure 1 atm (100 kPa)

Eurth, also known as Earth (Anglish), Alemi (Oharic), or Aerta (Alemannisch), is the third planet from the San and the only object in the Universe known to harbour life. According to radiometric dating and other sources of evidence, Eurth formed over 4 billion years ago. The Eurth revolves around the San in 365.26 days, a period known as Eurth year. The Mun is an astronomical body that orbits planet Eurth and is Eurth's only permanent natural satellite.

The axis of rotation of Eurth is tilted towards its orbital plane, producing the seasons. The gravitational interaction between Eurth and the Mun causes ocean tides, stabilises Eurth's orientation on its axis, and gradually slows its rotation. Eurth is the densest planet in the Solar System and the largest of the four terrestrial planets.

The world contains many nations. People speak many languages, such as Anglish, Tagmatine, Adapton, Suverin, Oharic, and Iverican. They also speak thousands of other languages. Eurth is home to about 5 billion human beings.


The current Anglish word Eurth evolved from an earlier variant of Early Anglish or Old Alemmanisch. The earliest sources mention eorðe as a translation of gaia in Occidental Arhoman and erta in East-Arhoman. In this context, it refers to the ground or dry soil in contrast to the wet sea. In Oharic the word alemi translates to "world".


Eurth is the home-world of humanity, the only known intelligent life in the Universe. The earliest humanoids were the Europithecus afropensis. It appeared about two million years ago and, in several early migrations, it spread throughout southwest-Europa. This region includes such nations as Jilderen, Cabarria, Afropa, Bhalman and Dragonryders. It was likely the first human species to live in a hunter-gatherer society and to control fire. An adaptive and successful species, Europithecus afropensis persisted for more than a million years, and gradually diverged into new species by around 500.000 years ago, most notably Europithecus saharensis which adapted to live in a savannah-like climate of that time in Sa Hara.

Human Geography

History is subject to geology. Every day the sea encroaches somewhere upon the land, or the land upon the sea; cities disappear under the water, and sunken cathedrals ring their melancholy bells. Mountains rise and fall in the rhythm of emergence and erosion; rivers swell and flood, or dry up, or change their course; valleys become deserts, and isthmuses become straits. Man’s ingenuity often overcomes geological handicaps: he can irrigate and air-condition the deserts; he can level or surmount mountains and terrace the hills with vines; he can build a floating city to cross the ocean, or gigantic birds to navigate the sky. But a tornado can ruin in an hour the city that took a century to build; an iceberg can overturn or bisect the floating palace and send a thousand merrymakers gurgling to the Great Certainty. Let rain become too rare, and civilisation disappears under sand as in Southern Europa; let it fall too furiously and it will choke civilisation with jungle as in Central Alharu. Let the thermal average rise by some degrees in our thriving zones, and we should relapse into lethargic savagery. Generations of men establish a growing mastery over the Eurth, but their destiny is to become fossils in its soil.


Eurth is divided into seven continents. A continent is one of several very large landmasses of the world. Identified by convention rather than any strict criteria, we commonly regard up to seven regions as continents. Ordered alphabetically, these continents are:

Map of the Continents Name Etymology Approx. total area Time
Alharu Meaning "hot" in Sahrabic 32,400,000 km2 (12,500,000 sq mi) UTC-8 to UTC-2
Antargis Meaning "opposite of Argis" 17,800,000 km2 (6,900,000 sq mi) UTC+12 to UTC-12
Argis Meaning "white" in Indo-Europan 17,200,000 km2 (6,600,000 sq mi) UTC-7 to UTC+2
Aurelia Meaning "golden" in Occidental Arhoman 13,500,000 km2 (5,200,000 sq mi) UTC-8 to UTC-4
Europa Meaning "land of the father" in Indo-Europan 40,500,000 km2 (15,600,000 sq mi) UTC+5 to UTC+10
Marenesia Meaning "sea islands" in East-Arhoman 6,500,000 km2 (2,500,000 sq mi) UTC to UTC+11
Thalassa Meaning "sea" in Occidental Arroman 3,850,000 km2 (1,490,000 sq mi) UTC-8 to UTC-12
Eurth (total) (See above) 131,750,000 km2 (50,870,000 sq mi) UTC-8 to UTC-12

Sovereign states

Nation Common and Formal Names Capital Continent Short Description
 Adaptus The Grand Federal Kingdom of Adaptus
Maximo Regnum Foederatum Adaptus
Novumcastrum  Europa A successor state of the fallen Aroman Empire. Really into naval blockades.
 Afropa The Democratic Republic of Afropa
République Démocratique de Afropa
Dieudonné  Europa TBD
 Alenveil The Kingdom of Alenveil
Il Regno di Alenveil
Sarbo  Argis A consitutional monarchy with a history of being a pushover and being conquered by colony-obsessive idiots
 Aluxia The Aluxian Empire
Аликсијско царство
Vardin  Argis An autocratic dictatorship at a crossroads between the status quo and moving into the light of globalism.
 Andalla The Commonwealth of Andalla Arkhavn  Thalassa Y'all want any more of that civil aviation?
 Asgeirria The Republic of Asgeirria Asgeirr City  Aurelia Guns and fuuuuutuuuuure
 Cavunia The Republic of Cavunia
Republika Kavunija
Trigorje  Argis TBD
 Cristina Kingdom of Cristina
Regno di Cristina
Cristina  Europa TBD
 Derthalen The Holy Empire of Derthalen
Sa Weihaba Fylkirate wan Sadalen
Das Heilige Reich von Derthalen
Sá Ginnheilagr Ríki av Sedal
Heinrichstadt  Argis Illiteracy is funny, burn the gays, poverty (feudal edition).
 Faramount The Democratic Republic of Faramount
République Démocratique de Faramont
Port Jacqueline  Alharu Do you know de way, illiteracy is funny, poverty (AIDS edition).
 Fulgistan The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan
Bogd Gioro  Alharu From humble sultanate of nomads, the Fulgistani built a socialist republic. Poor but proud, their strength lies in the diversity of its peoples.
 Gallambria The Kingdom of Gallambria
The Commonwealth of Gallambria
Bromwich  Marenesia The land down under.
 Girkmand The Federal Republic of Girkmand Girk  Argis TBD
 Great Burlington The Kingdom of Great Burlington Saint Justin  Europa TBD
 Greater Serbia The Unified States of Greater Serbia Beograd  Argis A single tumbleweed, remove kebab.
 Iverica The Republic of Iverica
L'República Iverica
Intreimor  Argis TBD
 Kipan The State of Kipan
Miyako  Aurelia A newborn Republic that is a blend of democratic fervor and ruthless capitalism.
 Kualoa The Island Republic of Kualoa
Ole Motu o Kualoa
Waipahu  Marenesia A devasted, poverty-stricken island nation in Marenesia.
 Limonaia Grand Duchy of Limonaia
Granducato di Limonaia
Limone  Alharu Pizza pasta mama mia, that dead duke guy.
 Little Flau The Confederal Republic of Little Flau Aulon  Aurelia A peaceful island republic encompassing several islands in the Thalassan Sea.
 Lysian Republic The Lysian Republic
République Lysienne
Couer  Europa Home of an ecclectic people with amazing food.
 Magnaeus The Magnean Confederation
Meignitzer Eidgenossenschaft
Confédération Màgnes
Confederazione Magniare
Venège  Europa Absolutely, 100% Neutral. Home of many major banks, beautiful vistas, land of watches and chocolate.
 Mantella The Republic of Mantella
Republica della Mantella
Modena  Europa TBD
 Mauridiviah Most Serene Republic of Mauridiviah
Serenísima República de Mauridiviah
Maurotopia  Alharu A tropical paradise that holds democracy, liberty, and egalitarianism as sacrosanct.
 Morheim The Queendom of Morheim Thale  Argis A peaceful constitutional monarchy in Eastern Argis.
 Orioni The Empire of Orioni
Erwanin Emparayia
O'polis  Europa An ancient island nation where women rule and men row. One of the oldest monarchies on Eurth.
 Oyus The Matriarchy of Oyus Yulaa Aurelia A free island nation with immense civil rights and freedoms, with a meritocratic sort of government in a monarchic form.
 Pallamara The Grand Dutchy of Pallamara Vrijpoort  Marenesia A former Variot colony in Marenesia.
 Prymont The United States of Prymont New Halsham  Argis The home of motorsport, Prymont is a cold, free, environmental and increasingly militant country.
 PyeMcGowan PyeMcGowan
The United Federal Kingdom of PyeMcGowan
Charleston  Argis A constitutional Monarchy with many dukes, earls and counts, made very rich thanks to gold in the east and oil in the north.
 Qardania The United Republic of Qardania Wartakk  Europa TBD
 Republic of Dniester Republic of Dniester
The Unified Socialist Republic of the State of Dniester
Minsk  Argis A country with copious amounts of Uranium, 750,000 paramilitary, and a military so retarded it can't even invade itself
 Rihan The Rihan Republic
Rheilhhu Rihana
Dartha  Aurelia The Rihannsu have a destiny to dominate Aurelia, and will achieve that objective by any means.
 Sa Hara The Islamic Theocracy of Sa Hara
الثيوقراطية الصحراء
Khwarezm  Europa TBD
 Saale United Salian States
Verenigde Saalse Staten
Herenthem  Argis TBD
 Sayf The Arab Republic of Sayf
جمهورية السيف العربية
Bagdad  Argis TBD
 Selayar The People's Kingdom of Selayar
Karahaja'an Torang Selayar
Ratnapura  Alharu A small island kingdom in the Thalassan Sea recovering from a horrendous civil war, blessed with billions of barrels of oil.
 Seylos The Kingdom of Seylos Selbourne  Argis Really into naval blockade jokes.
 Shffahkia The Federative Republic of Shffahkia
La République Fédérative de la Sfakie
Shffahkiaville  Aurelia A collectivist state in Eastern Aurelia.
 Soreana Grand Duchy of Soreana
Granducato di Soreana
Soreana  Alharu A peaceful maritime duchy, formerly a province of Limonaia.
 Sunset Sea Islands Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands Sunset City  Thalassa Tech-savvy, dystopian surveillance state priotitising education & the environment. Tropical islands.
 Sylvet The Federal Republic of Sylvet
De Federale Republique Sylvet
Villau d'Aurumare  TBD A high income income country with a smaller population than its neighbours, prioritising its citizens' welfare over war.
 Tagmatium The Tagmatine Empire
Tagmatika  Europa Memeios Jokeois Longeois Nameosis.
 Tikva The State of Tikva
מדינת תקווה
Ayalon  Alharu The only democratic and Juddish state in all of Eurth.
 Variota Het Huisselant Variota
The Unified State of Variota
 Alharu The (arguably) freest nation of Eurth, its wealth and culture are the envy of the world. With famed power woman Dina Diva standing at its helm, the nation is a force to be reckoned with and likes to call itself the Greatest Nation of Alharu.

Sovereignity disputes

Natural and artificial satellites

The Mun is a relatively large, terrestrial, planet-like natural satellite. The gravitational attraction between Eurth and its moon causes the ocean's tides. Some scientists believe the Mun may have dramatically affected the development of life by moderating the planet's climate. The name of the Mun varies in different cultures, being known variously as Muna in Arhoman, Chereka in Oharic. As of 2019, there were 704 operational, human-made satellites orbiting the planet. There are also inoperative satellites and over 12.000 pieces of tracked space debris. Eurth's largest artificial satellite is the EOS Space Station.