European Great War (Chricoma)

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Serbomontenegrinkhri v. NATO Transylvanian War

European Great War

Date September 13th, 2016 - September 17th, 2016
Location Europe
Result Mutual Peace Treaty

Serbia and Montenegro Russia


South Chricoma Free Transylvanian Republic

Transylvanian States Luxemborgo

The First signs of Conflicts began when the President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia and Montenegro had a stroke and was later buried and replaced by a new president Alexander Vucic. This new government clashed with the government of Chricoma due to the fact this government had little support to be seen for the Chricomian government while the Milosevic Regime supported Chricoma well. Later Slobodan Milosevic was found to be alive and a power struggle began which ended in Alexander Vucic and his wife escaping into the Transylvanian States. As of now there are still tension between countries due to the war due to Chricoma refuses to pay what they owe in full from the war and with some minor conflicts going on in Europe with bombings on the Transylvanian States by NATO which some believe have stems of the war. It is also believed that from the war that the government of Chricoma began sending spies into multiple countries involved in the war in an attempt to assassinate people believed to be anti-Chricoma. The Constitutional Monarchy of Reinstein is making attempts to barter a peace agreement between the Transylvanian States and NATO, as of now the European countries are now uniting together again to fight against Islamic Terrorism The articles categorized on this page are of direct relation to military engagements that have occurred between different entities; including but not limited to nation-states.