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Area 18,518,456 km2 (7,233,772 sq mi)
Population 857,733,509 (2016)
Pop. density 46.32/km2 (about 118.57/sq mi)
Demonym Euclean
Time Zones UTC to UTC+6
Internet TLD .ec (Euclean Community)
Largest cities

Euclea is an island continent in Kylaris, bounded by the Boreal Sea to the north, the Lumine Ocean to the west, the Mazdan and Solarian seas to the south and the Gulf of Assonaire to the east.

Historic Events

Terrain and Climate



Sovereign states

Country Capital Government Population GDP per capita (PPP)
Amathian Democratic Republic Arciluco Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic 46,852,332 $tbd
Kingdom of Aquila Aquila Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy 920,000 $101,715
Free City of Carcosa and the Aurean Isles Carcosa Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic 8,107,400 $tbd
Eirangaarder Commonwealth Ösokköp Federal parliamentary constitutional republic 37,452,423 $23,646
Federated Republics of Estmere Ashcombe Federal parliamentary constitutional republic 62,519,373 $46,091
Etruria Popular Transetrurian Federation Poveglia Federal parliamentary constitutional republic 65,596,083 $26,725
Florena Floren Republic Demora Federal syndicalist popular republic 60,821,712 $31,699
Gaullica Republic of Gaullica Verlois Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic 94,176,289 $45,879
Glytter Kingdom of Glytter Spálgleann Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy 9,257,180 $67,445
Grubalevia Grubalevian Republic Chernogard Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic 61,028,946 $18,537
Hennish Republic s'Holle Federal presidential constitutional republic 17,125,503 $48,548
Republic of Hwffenland Hwffen Unitary presidential constitutional republic 14,445,000 $22,757
Principality of Kesselbourg Kesselbourg City Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy 2,849,000 $100,010
United Kingdom of Norday Carset Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy 36,478,697 $39,981
Kingdom of Ostrozska Rýmařov Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy 25,154,024 $28,158
Rhakhataa Arhvjata Administrative statist no-party state 136,689,128 $27,849
Free State of Ruttland Arnwert Unitary parliamentary elective monarchy 10,792,800 $44,231
Ecclesiastical State of Tibernum Tibernum City Unitary absolute monarchy under an ecclesiastical and elective theocracy 842 N/A
Free State of Vredlandia Eldburg Unitary semi-presidential one-party state 65,571,408 $39,690
Confederated Kingdoms and Landgraviates of Waldeck-Sipellia Angerapp Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy 52,420,069 $tbd
Commonwealth of Wazovia-Lothuye Ustowanie Federal parliamentary noble republic 49,020,000 $tbd
Kingdom of Werania Westbrücken Unitary parliamentary elective monarchy 62,579,000 $42,000