Estebán Santander

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The Right Honourable
Estebán Santander
Minister for Internal Affairs
Assumed office
11 February 2011
PresidentCárlos Tobón
Member of Parliament
for Haxton
Assumed office
11 February 2006
Member of Ebon Corporation
In office
11 May 2000 – 11 February 2006
Personal details
Born Estebán Ramón Santander
(1970-03-14) 14 March 1970 (age 48)
Ebon, Carloso
Nationality Carlosian
Political party National Salvation election symbol.png National Salvation
Other political
Conservative Party
Children 5
Occupation Politician
Religion Roman Catholicism
Military service
Allegiance  Carloso
Service/branch Carlosian Navy
Years of service 1987–1999
Rank Petty Officer
Battles/wars Bourgougian Blitz

Estebán Ramón Santander (born 14 March 1970) is a Carlosian statesman, businessman and Navy veteran who has served as Minister for Internal Affairs since 11 February 2011. During the Bourgougian Blitz, he joined the Carlosian Navy and served on the guided missile cruiser CN Marshal. After retiring from active service in 1999 he co-founded the private security company Ebon Security Consulting. Santander joined the Conservative Party in 2000 and made his entry into politics when he won a seat on Ebon Corporation. He successfully contested a seat in parliament in the 2005 general election. Following the Blue Revolution of 2010, Santander joined the National Salvation party. He was appointed Minister for Internal Affairs by President Cárlos Tobón in 2011. In 2014 Ebon Security Consulting and Aspida merged to form Conquistador Security Consulting (CSC), with Santander serving as Managing Director and majority shareholder. Santander, along with George Spalding, is considered one of the frontrunners to succeed Cárlos Tobón as President of Carloso.

Early life

Estebán Ramón Santander was born on 14 March 1970 at Ebon Metropolitan University Hospital – Bon Secours to Elías and Magaret Santander (née Armstrong). His father was a seventh-generation Carlosian, with mostly Spanish and Portuguese ancestry. Santander's mother came from a long line of English blacksmiths who migrated into the Ebon area during the early seventeenth century. Elías served in the Carlosian Army during the Emergency War (1946–1951), taking part in the Battle of Madrigal and later Exercise Revelation. He was injured by enemy shrapnel during the Battle of Conduit 419 and transferred to a military hospital in Secano where he spent the remainder of the war. Elías met his future wife Magaret here while she was serving as a nurse. Eight years later, they were married at the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Haxton, Ebon on 18 July 1959. After the births of Diego and Rebeca, Estebán was born into the family as the couple's third child. Not long after Estebán's birth, Elías was called up for service with the National Intelligence Office (NIC) so he saw little of his father during his childhood. After his father was injured by an explosion in an operation targetting a Bourgougian nuclear research facility, the family was taken into protective custody by the NIC and were moved around Carloso to evade Bourgougian retaliation.


Despite his tumultuous childhood, Estebán quickly proved to be a charismatic and intelligent student, with an exceptional talent for sport. He attended many primary schools across the country, never spending more than a year at each one. Reflecting on this in later years, Estebán described the experience of having to move so frequently as "mentally and physically draining", remarking on how it was "difficult to abandon so many friends and never meet them again". It wouldn't be until his father's retirement in 1987 that Estebán would get the chance to attend a secondary school permanently. However, within days of Elías returning, war had broken out again between Carloso and Bourgougia when the latter attacked and took over the exclave of Victory. No sooner had the family returned to their homestead in Haxton, Ebon, Estebán began to express his intentions to leave school, join the Carlosian Navy and fight in the Bourgougian Blitz. Though initially reluctant, Elías eventually gave his blessing and Estebán was left to join the Naval College in Secano. Estebán later explained his reasoning for joining the Navy, saying that he felt it was his "duty" to follow the footsteps of his father in pursuing a military career and "avenge" his family for what the Bourgougians had put them through.

Military career

Bourgougian Blitz

CN Marshal leads the attack against Bourgougian forces.

Santander was immediately enrolled in Port Berdeal Naval College after arriving in Secano. Following ten weeks of basic training aboard the CN Preceptor, he graduated as an Ordinary Seaman and was assigned to the nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser CN Marshal. Due to a shortage of readily available naval personnel, Estebán was forced to postpone his plans to train as a Warfare Specialist until the conclusion of the war. He graduated from Port Berdeal on 25 April 1987 in a ceremony attended by then-President Reyers de Osana and Santander's parents.

On 2 May 1987 the ship left Secano as part of Battlegroup Armageddon.

Sinking of the CN Marshal


Liberation of Victory

Subercaseaux Prison in flames during combined prisoner riot and assault by the Carlosian Army


Estebán (left) after returning from Bourgougia.

Business career

Ebon Security Solutions

Conquistador Security Consulting

Conquistador Security Consulting HQ in downtown Ebon.

Political career

Local politics

Election to parliament

Estebán Santander

Minister for Internal Affairs

Helicopters belonging to Conquistador Security Consulting infiltrate Oceanican airspace, 2017.

Presidential bid

Personal positions

Abortion & contraception

Santander is against abortion and supports the present regulations on contraception.

LGBT rights

Santander is against same-sex marraige.



Santander supports Carloso's continued membership of the Santiago Anti-Communist Treaty Organisation (SACTO).


Santander is supportive of a total ban on all immigration to Carloso and has toughened immigration legislation since becoming Minister for Internal Affairs

Personal life


Santander was raised Roman Catholic by his parents and has publicly expressed the importance of his faith multiple times.