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The Esquarian Summit is an annual conference between the heads of government of Esquarium's largest economies plus a few other states and organizations. Since 2014, three Esquarian Summits have been held; the next Summit will be hosted in Kalnaspilis, Aucuria.

Since its inception, the Esquarian Summit has provided a forum for world leaders to discuss important global issues. After the Summit, it is customary for the host nation to present a declaration outlining the issues discussed and decisions agreed between the attendants of the Summit.

Permanent members of the Esquarian Summit include the 16 major economies of Esquarium - Ainin, Ankoren, Arkiasis, Britanno, Francilie, Koyro, Luziyca, Lyonsland, Montecara, Namor, Nevanmaa, Pavonistade, Teutonia, Tuthina and Vjaarland - and the Esquarian Community, which made its first appearance in the Third Esquarian Summit. Non-permanent members consist entirely of countries that are invited by one of the permanent members to attend. Since each permanent member has the power to invite another polity, there may theoretically be up to 17 non-permanent members attending; however, this has not yet occurred.

List of Esquarian Summits

Summit (year) Host city Chair Notes
I (2014) Talon,  Ainin President Steven Mann
II (2015) Sakan,  Tuthina Emperor Akiyasu
III (2016) Xiangmen,  Namor President-General Antelope Shohai First Summit in which the EC participated as a permanent member
IV (2017) Kalnaspilis,  Aucuria President Pantaleimonas Uspelevičius First Summit to be held in a non-permanent member state
V (2018) Zacapatu,  Karazawa Yrateq Obraq Sokkan (presumed)