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The Esgonian Federation
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Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Nam in Patria
Anthem: "The Torch of the Homeland"
Official languages English
Recognised national languages Japanese, Polish
Recognised regional languages German, Finnish, Arabic
Ethnic groups 95% Esgonian, 2% Erlitzian, 1% Azen, 0.5% Liyomesse, 0.5% Adran, 1% Portean
Demonym Esgonian
Government Federal Represenative Democracy
 -  President Erhard Brunshelm
 -  Vice President Serrania Petrenko
Legislature Joint Council
 -  As State of Aegonia Septermber 6, 98 BCE 
 -  As Adran Colony of Aegonia January 14, 10 AD 
 -  As Eragidan Empire July 22, 1692 
 -  As the Esgonian Federation September 26, 1907 
 -  Total Area 6,600,540 km2
4,101,385 sq mi
 -  2015 census 745,000,000
 -  Density 113/km2
292.7/sq mi
GDP (nominal) 2014 estimate
 -  Total 9,325,000,000,000.00
 -  Per capita 12,516.80
Gini (2015)45.2
HDI (2015)Increase 0.875
very high
Currency Faulk (Flk.)
Time zone (UTC+8)
Drives on the left
Calling code .762
ISO 3166 code ESQ
Internet TLD .eg

The Esgonian Federation (German: Der Bundesverband der Esgonia, Polish: Federacja Esgonii, Japanese: エスゴニャの連合), commonly referred to as Esgonia, is a Federation situated in Ashai, located at the South-Eastern part of Ausozera. Composed of several regions which were originally composed of 8 separate kingdoms prior to the formation of the Eragidan Empire, Esgonia covers over 6 million square kilometers. It is bordered by the Kingdom of Ratte on the west, the Federation of Free Asian Ports in the north-east, and the Union of Autocratic Empires to the east. The nation's capital city is Eldrichta, Esgonia's second largest city after Arcea. With a population of over 745 million, Esgonia is one of the most populated nations in Ashai.