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Erotic sports possess a long and storied history in Cacertian culture and have grown to be some of the nation’s most popularly attended events annually, following closely behind Cacerta’s recognized national sports of figure skating and gymnastics. Much like other sports in Caceta, erotic athletics are host to a number of competitions between teams ranging from secondary school level to professional national associations. The region with the most national wins by team is Sarissita, where many hypothesize that erotic sports first gained significant popularity in ancient times.



Erotic sports in Cacerta has its origins in ancient times before the time of the united Cacertian Empire. Under the influence of an infant Cacertian monotheistic faith, games focusing on nudity and sexuality thrived and became a prominent part of earlier Cacertian history. City-states would often resolve quarrels peacefully through erotic sports events and often would throw feasts and celebrations following the determination of a victor to foster friendship and peace.

Erotic sports would not gain significant national popularity until after Cacerta was united as a single nation in 1871. The next century would provide a cultivating atmosphere for the open growth of Cacertian Monotheism and -- by extension -- competitive erotic sports which has become a primary staple in Cacertian culture throughout the region.

Foundation of NESA

In 1980, the great popularity of erotic sports prompted the government of Cacerta to advocate the foundation of a national governing body to organize events and provide a national standard for the scoring of events. The Cacertian National Erotic Sports Association was founded in Vichenza by Viliana Marsiglia, Tina Carella, and Doroteo Maffei on 24 February 1980.

Contemporary Era

Since the foundation of NESA and the steady growth of the sports’ popularity, several other nations have become members of the NESA-founded International Erotic Sports Union. As the audience continues to grow, it is expected that erotic athletics in Cacerta will become a staple sport in the nation’s culture. In February 2015, a petition was put forth to add erotic sports to the list of national sports of Cacerta.

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The Coat of Arms of the National Erotic Sports Association.

Governing Body

The National Erotic Sports Association is the governing body for erotic sports in Cacerta and is responsible for organizing, scoring, and mediating events for the Cacertian Erotic Athletics League. It was founded in 1980, adopting a red rose -- representative of the heated passion of sexuality -- as its organizational symbol. NESA is currently based out of a facility in the Torre Alta of Vichenza and maintains a number of branch offices throughout the regional capitals of Cacerta.

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Miranda Trento following the 2014 Erotic Wrestling Championship.


Erotic Wrestling

Erotic wrestling is the most popular and longest practiced erotic sport listed under the roster of the National Erotic Sports Association. Required attire for a match of erotic wrestling is jammers for men and string bikinis for women, as part of the scoring process participants also wear scoring bands on their arms and legs. Erotic wrestling is scored by how well participants remove clothing and pin opponents, penalties are enforced by point reductions. The highest scorer claims victory after a predetermined number of rounds or a time limit and is given the option of sexually dominating their defeated opponent if desired.

Erotic Dancing

Erotic dancing, unlike other sports under erotic athletics, focuses less on the participants and more on scoring by judges. Also commonly referred to as arousal competitions, erotic dancers are scored on how well they arouse judges utilizing music and dancing within an allotted time limit. Erotic dancing requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, and artistry. The artistic nature of erotic dancing has attracted a considerable audience from fans of figure skating and gymnastics and, as a result, it has found a more popular following than other erotic sports outside of the nation.

Synchronized Erotic Dancing

Synchronized erotic dancing follows the same basic parameters as standard individual erotic dancing. Teams perform two synchronized routines of elaborate erotic moves with accompanying music during competitions and are judged on their performance, complexity, and displayed eroticism. Often, synchronized erotic dancing teams are made up of performers skilled in individual erotic dancing.

Sexual Endurance Competition

Sexual endurance competitions are sports that focus on participants’ endurance during sexual intercourse. Competitors are scored against other competitors in endurance competitions and are measured by how well they perform and react to activities subjected to them by their dominant parties. While there are more registered professional participants in sexual endurance competitions than in other erotic sports, they currently have the smallest international audience due to their specific focus on sexual activity.

Multiple Partner Competition

Multiple partner competitions follow the same standards and regulations as sexual endurance competitions. A single participant is subjected to numerous dominant parties to a minimum of three and a maximum of eight, dependent on the style and difficulty of the event. Participants are scored on how well they endure multiple sexual encounters at once and over an allotted period of time. As with sexual endurance competitions, multiple partner competitions do not possess a significant following outside of Cacerta or the nations of IESU.

National Teams

Each region throughout Cacerta maintains approximately five teams -- each representing a different city -- for participating in national competitions for erotic sports. While regional competitions are part of NESA, teams are small enough that they all participate competitively during the week long national championships event.

National Championships

The first official national championship for erotic sports was conducted in 1980 as part of the foundation of the National Erotic Sports Association and has been an ongoing annual event each year. The championship is hosted in the final week of October leading up to the nation’s national celebration of Autunno Racculto and is considered an extension of the festival as a kick-off event to begin national festivities.