Empire of Quenmin

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Empire of Quenmin
Triệu Dynasty
Great Quenminese Empire
Đại Đế chế Quen Minh


Quenminese Empire at its maximum extent in 1940
Capital Thien Dai
Language(s) Vietnamese
Government Monarchy
 - 1841-1866 Chức Định (first)
 - 1924-1945 Hiệp Mạng (last)
Prime Minister
 - 1853 - 1866 Lạc Hiếu Vỵ
 - 1866 - 1904 Mạc Đăng Kinh
 - 1904 - 1913, 1919 - 1921 Trịnh Nguyên Huynh
 - 1913 - 1919 Phan Vỵ
 - 1921 - 1945 Lý Học Thao Viên
 - Established 1853
 - Disestablished 1945
Currency van
Today part of

The Empire of Quenmin (Chu nom: 大帝𠶜捐盟/Đại Đế chế Quen Minh, "Great Quenminese Empire") was a constitutional monarchy and a world power that existed from 1853 to 1945. The nation was ruled by the prestigious Triệu dynasty; their time of reign began with the first Emperor Chức Định establishing complete independence from Aurucolia and the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance and ended when the last Emperor Hiệp Mạng abdicated from the throne to give way for the Nghiêm dynasty to ascend into power.

Figurehead Emperors

Below is the list of the emperors that ruled the country:

Portrait Era name Given name Temple name Reign Events
HuyDinhEmperor.jpg 織定
Chức Định
Triệu Bình Toàn Quốc Triệu Thiệt Tổ September 4, 1841–May 2, 1866 Secured independence of the country from the Aurucolian Empire. Began to modernize the country.
BaoThinhEmperor.jpg 保盛
Bảo Thịnh
Triệu Bình Ưng Thoại Triệu Khểnh Tông January 1, 1866–January 18, 1906 Unified the country in a resistance against the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance in the Autumn War. Established relations with the Empire and welcomed advisors from the country in Quenmin's economic and military fields. Oversaw the early Quenminese expansions, espeically in Bethausia.
CamTrangEmperor.jpg 防失
Phòng Thất
Triệu Bình Xương Kham Triệu Định Tông January 18, 1906–February 25, 1918 Known for his Expansionist Policy. Brought about a trained military that justified his Policy. Joyonghean colonies in Quenminese territory deestablished.
DucKhenhEmperor.jpg 德警
Đức Khểnh
Triệu Bình Hiền Triệu Cảnh Tông February 25, 1918–March 21, 1924 Oversaw the recovery of the country after the First Europan War. Invaded the Imperial colonies in Southeast Asianna, including Bethausia, to prevent Imperial encorachments in Quenmin.
DaiSat1.jpg 協命
Hiệp Mạng
Triệu Bình Kế Định Triệu Đấu Tông March 21, 1924–September 3, 1945 Took Phòng Thất's Expansionist Policy to the extreme. Annexed Bethausia and the other conquered Imperial colonies in Southeast Asianna as part of the Empire.