Douglas H. Smith (NA)

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His Excellency
Douglas H. Smith
Member of Parliament
Prime Minister of Ceardia
In office
9 May 2019 – 8 December 2026
Nominated by House of Delegates
Preceded by Martha Williams
Succeeded by Thomas McGovern
Leader of the Social Democrats
In office
23 April 2005 – 8 December 2026
Preceded by John Wellington
Succeeded by Thomas McGovern
Member of Parliament
In office
5 November 1988 – 8 December 2026
Minister for Foreign Affairs
In office
13 February 1992 – 22 December 1997
Personal details
Born Douglas Herman Smith
17 February 1945
Tyberia, Ceardia
Died 8 December 2026 (aged 81)
Spouse(s) Mary Hannafin
Children 2
Occupation Journalist

Douglas H. Smith (17 February 1945 - 8 December 2026) was a Ceardian politician and served as prime minister from 2019 until his death in 2026. He was a major political figure in social democratic policies for 38 years.

Smith was born in Tyberia on the 17 February 1945 to a poor lower class family. His father was a small pub owner and his mother was a manager at a linen factory despite this his childhood was rough as his parents sacrificed a lot of their time to allow him to go to school. He earned a scholarship to Kingston Secondary Acadamey and then went on to study at Royal University of Tyberia were he studied political science. He left school aged 22 in 1966 and went on to work for a number of newspapers mainly writing articles on politics. He was extremely outspoken of conservative and fascist political parties he was once fired from his job because of his "biased views". In 1979 he published Political Weekly his own newspaper. He soon became fairly wealthy but was still a staunch social democrat. In 1985 he launched his announced he would run in the next election and in early 1987 he began his election campaign. He was elected to parliament in the Ceardian general election and took his seat as a member of the Social Democratic Party.

He served as Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1992 to 1997 under the leadership of Stanley Williams. After the collapse of the William administration he returned to the backbenches of the parliament and wasn't appointed to the shadow cabinet John Wellington. After being reappointed to the shadow front bench he soon succeeded the failing Wellington as leader of the social democrats. In the next election he only won 321 seats for his party. Smith soon led his party to a massive electoral victory in 2014 winning 883 seats in the house. Smith then went on to lead his party to power in the 2019 election.

Smith was a successful prime minister and reversed economic hardships which were affecting the country. By 2022 he had halved the unemployment rate and had improved government services by pumping billions into the public sector. In 2024 he was reelected. His second term was successful as well he further lowered the employment rate and improved foreign relations with Belhavia. He also began the introduction of the new healthcare system.

On 7 December 2026 Smith complained of a chest pain after dinner and went to lie down. When his wife went to wake him an hour later he was unresponsive. She called the ambulance and he was rushed to the Ceardian Central Hospital. He was pronounced dead of a heart attack a day later. His deputy Thomas McGovern announced his death on the 9 December 2026 and declared 5 days of mourning. He hailed him for his efforts and said his government would continue his work. He was then succeeded by McGovern officially on the 1 February 2027. His legacy remains clear into todays society as he changed Ceardia for the rest of its existence.