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Desislav may also refer to the duchy of the same name, in which the city is situated.

Royal City
Skyline of Desislav
Flag of Desislav
Official seal of Desislav
Nickname(s): Raste, no ne staree (Grows, but does not age)
Country  Luziyca
Duchies Duchy of Desislav
Founded unknown
 • Mayor Lilly Tzetkova
Population (2011)
 • Royal City 9,495,701
 • Rank 1st in Katranjiev
 • Urban 1,032,933
 • Metro 8,462,768
Time zone Katranjian Standard Time (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST) not observed (UTC-6)
Area code(s) +55 (02)

Desislav is the largest city in Katranjiev, with around nine million people or about a third of the population of Katranjiev residing in the greater Desislav metropolitan area, covering much of the southeastern coast of the country. Within its city limits, it only has over a million residents, but its conurbation has around nine million in total.

It is the largest port city in the country, and most international trade that doesn't go through its neighbors generally goes through Desislav. The city has a vast nightlife, and its metropolitan area is a very cosmopolitan area of the country, rivalled only by Krasimir in the north.


Desislav came as a translation from a Namorese phrase meaning "ten glories" (Namorese: Силонг, Silong), which in term derives from Minjianese "Shíróng" (十榮).

It is believed that the earliest settlers named the city "Shíróng" in deference to the Emperor, and that after Vaclav I managed to end Namorese and Minjianese rule over Katranjiev, the name was changed to a translation into Katranjian (desi slav), due to its common use among Katranjians living in the area.


major port city, whatevs (TBC)


As the largest metropolitan area in the country, tourism, shipping, banking and the service sectors are the dominant industries within the greater metropolitan area. Due to it housing a third of the country's population, Desislav has a large economy, with many Katranjian enterprises generally headquartered either in Desislav or in the capital city of the country, Krasimir.