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Counties, colour coded by the party affiliation of their Commissioner.

The 15 Counties of Geadland are first-level administrative subdivisions of the Kingdom of Geadland.

The word "county" is a translation of the Geadish word λανδ (land, plural lände), although they were originally duchies rather than domains of a Count. The counties of Bondhaven, Eskrau and Da Hegner each consist of a single city and are referred to as φρεισταδε (freistade, lit. "free cities"). The other 12 counties are referred to each as φληςενληνδε (flächenlände, lit. "area counties"). Counties are subdivided into κομμυνε (kommüne), known in English as municipalities. In the free cities, the municipalities are called βυδηλε (büdäle), also translated as "boroughs".

Each county has an elected County Council which is elected through the single transferable vote system using 3-5 member districts. The councils then select the chief executive of the county government, known as a Commissioner, who is then formally appointed by the Queen.


The counties of Geadland originate from the original petty Viking kingdoms created when the Geads first settled the area. These were merged into Three Kingdoms. The original ten duchies of Geadland were Audholm, Horgalund, Sorbia, Leghel, Storholm, Eskraulund, Mearland, Venden, Langemark and Solned. Upon the founding of the country, King Robert I divided Sorbia - by far the largest - into two to prevent its dukes from becoming too powerful. In addition, he granted Bondhaven the right to be a "free city", independent from Audholm. As a result, the number of counties increased to twelve.

The boundaries of the counties were largely unchanged for centuries, however the way they were governed was altered. The Storting gradually removed powers of dukes as the country became more centralised. The Crown instead appointed temporary Lord Commissioners to oversee local government within each county.

The Republic of Geadland abolished the counties and organised the countries into Departments, based primarily on water management districts. These departments were governed by elected councils and each elected a Governor. Under the Luziycan occupation, Tomas Kirk reinstated the counties, which were each given a county council and governor, both elected using first past the post. In practice, the elections were rigged or engineered in favour of the Christian Luziycan Party and candidates opposed to the occupation were barred from running.

After independence, the Constitution of Geadland was enacted, which defined the Counties as being the highest tier of local government and required each to have an elected local council. These would be elected every five years using a mixture of FPTP and Bloc Voting and be governed by a Crown-appointed Commissioner who would be required to have support from the County Council. Furthermore, the county and municipal councils would jointly elect the Senate. In 1919, the length between county elections was reduced to being every four years and the voting system was converted to single transferable vote.

There have also been a number of boundary changes, mainly due to the growth of the major cities in the 19th century. An addition change made in 1868 was that Eskrau became a second free city, being seperated from Eskraulund. The capital of Eskraulund was moved to Altocha. In 1875, Da Hegner became a third free city, being seperated from Horgalund but remaining the capital. This left Horgalund both with a capital outside of its territory; in Da Hegner, the councils for both the city and Horgalund even meet in the same building. In 1963, Altocha was transferred to Eskrau leaving Eskraulund as the second county with an extraterritorial capital. Another change in the same year was that nearly all the suburbs of Bondhaven (with a combined population of over 1.5 million) were transferred to the free city's jurisdiction.

In 1972, the county of Storholm was replaced by Archipelago; this incorporated the surrounding islands which were originally under direct control of the government. The county of Robert Island was also created in 1974 after the reclaiming of a large island from the sea, though some of the island's territory is natural. In 1985, further suburbs were added to the county of Eskrau and the Moserdal exclave of Lower Sorbia was transferred to Upper Sorbia. The last boundary changes occured in 1995 when Da Hegner was enlarged.

English Geadish Type Capital Population Swedish % HoReps Seats Commissioner Coalition Holiday
Lower Sorbia Nädersårblund Area Elhaas 5,492,162 2% 101 Betania Smid SDLP-Liberal minority 20 August (St. Rögnvald's Day)
Bondhaven Böündhag City n/a 4,129,803 3% 76 Rodgar Kohen SDLP-Green majority Shrove Monday
Upper Sorbia Obersårblund Area Grönching 3,712,907 1% 68 Juliana den Müll Conservative-Progressive-Christian minority Shrove Monday
Horgalund Horgalund Area Da Hegner* 2,441,821 15% 45 Sören Fuller Conservative-New Alliance-Liberal minority 24 January (Horgalund Day)
Eskraulund Eskraulund Area Eskrau* 1,936,401 1% 36 Minka Gerhardsen SDLP-Green-Socialist majority 1 September (St. Erik's Day)
Eskrau Eskrau City n/a 1,873,291 1% 35 Kurt Lindergard SDLP-Green majority 1 September (St. Erik's Day)
Audholm Audholm Area Bondevik 1,571,482 2% 29 Fulkert Kårring Conservative-Progressive minority Shrove Monday
Mearland Märlund Area Da Fugh 1,379,169 1% 24 Pia Busland SDLP-Liberal minority 18 March (Day of the Mears)
Da Hegner Da Hägner City n/a 1,342,950 4% 25 Lena Högerhus SDLP-Green minority 8 November (Capital Day)
Archipelago Archipelago Area Walen 1,284,292 1% 24 Johannes Larssen Conservative-Progressive-Christian minority 15 October (Walen-Albard Day)
Robert Island Robertöü Area Dafidstad 1,142,120 1% 23 Karla Jiao Mai SDLP-Liberal minority 15 November (Anniversary)
Langemark Langemark Area Südport 953,119 1% 17 Daniel Temena Conservative-Progressive majority Shrove Monday
Leghel Leghel Area Arje 823,545 80% 15 Martin Hammerschöld Swedish-SDLP majority 9 June (Swedish Day)
Solned Solned Area Sofjastad 758,850 1% 14 Jaan Torbjörnsen Conservative-Liberal majority Shrove Monday
Venden Venden Area Osling 640,280 1% 12 Tomas Paulsen SDLP-Liberal majority 5 February (Day of the Wends)
Total 29,482,192 5.0% 543

Starred capital cities (*) are extraterritorial - not located within the counties' boundaries.