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Countries~50?(several disputed)
Largest cities

Below are listed a number of nations that are part of the region of Cornellia.

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Short and formal names Capital Population Notes
 Akai – Ditorate of Akai Xuanjing 212,652,365 Absolute monarchy
 Allamunnic States – Federation of Allamunnic States Roan 98,747,995 Federal semi-democracy
 Arcadia – Arcadian Confederacy Pagos, D.G. 41,400,000 Confederal constitutional republic
 Belfras – Belfrasian Republic Thessalona 60,250,450 Federal presidential constitutional republic
 Carinthia – Most Heavenly Principality of Eternal Peace Meridia 44,231,529 Executive monarchy
 Demphor – Kingdom of Demphor, Élbannin and Duís Ormania 53,252,143 Semi-presidential constitutional monarchy
 Eagleland – Eaglelander Empire, Αετοχωρική Αυτοκρατορία, Imperium Aquitanum, Perandoria e Shqipërisë Constantina Augusta 35,707,321 Constitutional monarchy
 Ecclesiastical State – The Ecclesiastical State Fabria 100,859,423 Theocratic absolute elective monarchy
 Estoni – People's Republic of Estoni Majevica 8,400,000 Parliamentary semi-democracy
 Ghant – Empire of Ghant Ghish 55,482,192 Parliamentary constitutional federal monarchy
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Late Roman Empire
– Ancient Cornellian State of the Late Roman Empire
Constantinople 300,000,000 Absolute monarchy
 Latium – Empire of the Latins Castellum ab Alba 66,433,012 Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
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– Kingdom of Laudine
Linton 26,312,473 Unitary constitutional crowned republic
 Lyncanestria – Empire of Lyncanestria Villeneuve 64,854,527 Federal constitutional parliamentary democracy
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New Edom
- Allied States of New Edom
Fineberg 102,000,000 Constitutional monarchy
 Vannois – Empire of Vannois Saint-Nazaire 68,701,528 Parliamentary constitutional federal monarchy