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Listed here are the various laws concerning forced military service in the nations of Aeia.

Country Conscription Age Targeted group Targeted gender Percentage of targeted Length of Service Punishment for Evasion Additional info
 Aquidneck Yes 17-37 All resident citizens Both 100% If called upon Fine and possible jail time. All citizens between the ages of 17-37 must register for the Selective Service which in times of war can be used to draft people into the Armed Forces of Aquidneck. The service has never been used, and there is mounting pressure to abolish the system.
 Ashihara Yes 18-49 All resident able-bodied citizens Both 100% 1 year and 9 months 5-years hard labour All citizens upon reaching the age of 18, provided they pass a medical fitness test, are expected to serve for one year and nine months with a branch of the Ashiharan military. Deferrals are granted to those attending higher education establishments. Upon leaving conscription, all ex-conscripts remain on the Reserve List until the age of 49, and once every six months all on the Reserve List are required to attend a week of Reserve Readiness Training and submit to a medical fitness test which if failed leads to their removal from the Reserve List. Removal from the Reserve List is automatic on reaching the age of 49 or upon committing a political crime.
 Brilliania Yes 18-30 All able-bodied citizens Both 10% 1 year, longer if needed Fine of 20.000 Rin and a 6-month jail sentence The current Lehendakari, Haran Elexalde, has decreed a re-instation of the Army Registration Service (EEZ) due to the Veleazan - Midrasian conflict.
 Carcossica Yes 17-37 All able-bodied citizens (excluding Thadyrissen) All 100% 4 years Maximum Fine equivalent to 50% Yearly Average Income for the Deserter and a 90-day Mandatory Community Service period, with possibility of jail time Peacetime conscription was abolished in 1977 following the Lake Beale Reforms, and was replaced by an Emergency Service Registration System in case of war that directly threatens Carcossican territorial integrity. No drafts have been issued in Carcossica since the end of the Cold war.
 Crylante No N/A While Crylante does not possess a standing military to conscript into, it is recommended for students in late secondary education to learn how to fire a gun, although students are allowed to opt out. The class is meant to rally the population to defend the nation.
 Cuirpthe No N/A Conscription has fallen out practice in Cuirpthe since the 1960s, and was officially banned by the 2001 Citizen's Rights Act, insuring a citizen's right to neutrality in a war. A clause in this law allows the government to reinstate conscription if a situation requires military forces that exceeds what is available.
 Goulong Yes 18-39 All resident citizens All 29% As needed, 4 years maximum Fine of 350,000幣, up to 5 years imprisonment Per the National Service and Conscription Act of 1922, all 18 to 39-year-olds are mandated register with the National Draft Registry, which reserves the power to draft able-bodied citizens if LegCo declares war. Prior to the act, 18 to 39-year-olds were conscripted to serve six months of compulsory military service.
 Hipasia Yes 16-19 All resident citizens Both 88% 9-12 months Fine of up to 50,000 shekels and hard labour All citizens who do not enter secondary and tertiary education must provide nine to twelve months of service in the military or police force, subject to meeting fitness requirements
 Liberimery Yes 16-34 All resident citizens Males 100% 12 years (4 years active duty, 8 years reserve) during general mobilization. Suspension of Voting Rights. Possible fines and jail time and revocation of existing enfranchisement. Liberimery practices mandatory military service with optional civil services such as fire or EMS services and non-combat roles for military service. Enfranchisement is granted by showing up at recruitment evaluations.
 Midrasia Yes 18-35 All resident citizens Males 100% As needed 3 years in prison Emergency conscription was re-activated following the outbreak of war between Midrasia and Veleaz.
 Motsvara Yes 16-30 All resident citizens Both 100% As needed 5 years in prison, repeated offense may result in capital punishment. Motsvara maintains a large military force and mandates conscription for any citizens above the age of 16 and below 30. Failure to report for duty can result in jail time or possible execution, though the latter has not occurred since 1984.
 Onza No N/A The power of conscription is not mentioned in the Onzaian Constitution. In 1994, lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting conscription of any form.
 Songdang Yes 17-37 All resident citizens All 100% If called upon Fine and possible jail time. All citizens between the ages of 17-37 must register for the Selective Service which in times of war can be used to draft people into the Armed Forces of Songdang.
 Sükhbaatar Yes 17-25 All resident citizens Both 100% 1 year during peacetime, 2 years during war time. Fine and possible jail time. See: Conscription in Sükhbaatar
All citizens between the ages of 17 to 25 must register under the Sükhbaataryn Office of Military Service, and in times of war or national crisis deemed by the Office. Wartime Conscription has been enabled since 2003 due to the Sergelen-Khürmen Conflicts
 Vrnallia No N/A Vrnallia only permits the deployment of a military on its own soil during a time of war. However, there are no laws permitting or outlawing conscription in such an event.