Oderran Confederation

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Free Commonwealth of the Oderran Confederation
Flag Federal Seal
Flag Federal Seal
Motto: One people. One mind. One heart.
Anthem: The Soldier's March
CapitalOdera Capital Establishment
Largest New Longshore
Official languages English
Ethnic groups 49% White
30% Asian
19% Black
13.2% Other/Multiracial
4.8% Extraterrestrial
Demonym Confederate
Government Federal Commonwealth
 -  Premier Hugo Walsh
 -  Vice Premier Dorothy Jonee
 -  Speaker General of the Parliament Michael Morris
 -  Chief Justice Killigan Lee
Legislature Confederate Parliament
 -  Upper house Senators' House
 -  Lower house House of Representatives
 -  Sovereignty declared as the Republic of Odera 2321 
 -  United Planets of Odera 2799 
 -  Oderran Confederation 2921 
 -  Defeat during the Milky Way Conflict 3281 
 -  Forced release of territories 3282 
 -  estimate 29 billion
 -  Density 2 million/km2
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GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total 41 Quadrillion Interstellar Credits
 -  Per capita 35,000 Interstellar Credits
GDP (nominal) estimate
 -  Total 39.79 Quadrillion Interstellar Credits
 -  Per capita 27,000 Interstellar Credits
HDI Increase 0.681
Currency Confederate Standard (CS)
Date format dd.mm.yyyy
Drives on the varies
Calling code +25
ISO 3166 code CP
Internet TLD .cp

The Free Commonwealth of the Oderran Confederaton is a small interplanetary confederation that resides in the Andromeda galaxy. It is bordered by space territory by the Interstellar Federation and the Bolar Republic. The area that the Confederation controls used to be unclaimed space, unexplored by any civilisation. However in 2318, human settlers ventured onto the planet now known as Odera and in 2321, the Republic of Odera declared it's recognised sovereignty. The nation then went through several reformations until in 2921, the Oderran Confederation was born, occupying several planetary systems within the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. This "golden age" lasted for over a century until the nation provoked war against the Interstellar Federation and was subsequently defeated during the Milky Way Conflict.