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Area44,579,000 km2 (17,212,000 sq mi)
Population742,452,000 (2013)
Pop. density87/km2 (225/sq mi)
Time ZonesUTC+2 to UTC+12
Largest cities

Coius is a continent in Kylaris bordered by the Vehemens Ocean to the north and east, the Lumine Ocean to the west, and the Nanhai Ocean and Glacial Ocean to the southwest and southeast respectively. The continent of Euclea is close to the northwest but is not contiguous by land. Coius can be subdivided broadly into the regions of Badawiya in the north and Bahia in the northeast, with the name Coius principally referring to the south, with such countries as Negara, Songguo, Damat, Siamat, Khatagh, Hyndana, Cheonhae and Nematsu. The Celestial Isles are also sometimes included in ways but is usually considered part of Sublustria, to the general southeast of Coius.

Countries in Badawiya include Biyadh, Muradi Badawiya, Samastara, Sutanel, Saubiya and sometimes Nuranz. Carcosa also owns geographically Badawiyan land but is a Euclean country. Countries in Bahia include sometimes Nuranz, usually Iyakasar, Petite-Corne, Harimau and Heja.