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A T-81M1 on display in 2001
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin Husseinarti
Service history
In service 1982-Present
Used by Sieuxerr
Production history
Designed 1977
Produced 1982-current
Number built 1,000
Variants 81M
Specifications (T-81M3)
Weight 47 tonnes (Basic)

50 tonnes (Combat)

Length 7.05 m (w/o gun)
11.3 m (w/ gun)
Width 3.42 m
Height 2.4 m
Crew 4 (Commander, loader, gunner, driver)

Armor Laminated steel along with ERA
D-12 100mm cannon
(43 rounds)
Type 50 Anti-Aircraft MG
(750 rounds)
Type 69K coaxial
(4,500 rounds)
Engine 10-cylinder diesel engine
900 horsepower (671 kW)
Power/weight 18 hp/t (13.4 kW/t)
Transmission Automatic
Suspension torsion bar
Fuel capacity 900 ℓ (1,300 ℓ with fuel drums)
530 km (730 km with fuel drums)
Speed 66 km/h

The T-81 is a main battle tank used chiefly by the Husseinartian Armed Forces. It is the first Husseinartian-designed main battle tank and was designed with support from allied nations such as Saarland and Anikatia. Design of the tank began in 1977, with a prototype began produced in 1980. The tank was armed with a D-10 43 caliber 100mm tank gun, the same from the T-54/55 tanks in service at the time. The first series of upgrades came in the late 1990s. The tank's L/43 gun was replaced with a much longer L/63 caliber gun which also had an improved fume extractor. The tank also gained an, at that time, a highly advanced Sieuxerrian-designed fire control system which was a modified version of the systems on the AMX-45. The FCS was gained via a series of still mostly unexplained espionage operations which gained the technical data from Thompson-CSF.

Along with this, improved ammunition, ATGM capabilities, additional armor protection and improved tracks were also introduced. Its current role is to provide heavy armor support to infantry forces, while negating the overall role of dedicated tank engagements to the T-83.