Carlosian World Assembly membership referendum, 2011

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Carlosian World Assembly membership referendum
Do you approve of the proposal to terminate the Federal Republic of Carloso's membership with the World Assembly?
Date11 November 2011 (2011-11-11)
Yes or no Votes Percentage
Yes check.svg Yes 121,870,652 &1000000000000005997999959.98%
X mark.svg No 81,324,555 &1000000000000004002000040.02%
Valid votes 203,195,207 &1000000000000009976999999.77%
Invalid or blank votes 459,534 &100000000000000002300000.23%
Total votes 203,654,741 100.00%

The Carlosian World Assembly membership referendum was a non-binding plebiscite in Carloso that was held on 11 November 2011. It was initiated by the National Salvation government lead by President Cárlos Tobón, with the intent to give the Executive Council a mandate to withdraw unilaterally from the World Assembly (WA). One of National Salvation's promises during the bloody campaign of the 2010 general election was to hold a vote on Carloso's continued membership of the WA, which it had joined in 2000. With a campaign buoyed primarily by public concerns that World Assembly resolutions were running increasingly contrary to Carlosian law, the plebiscite returned a 60/40 result for leaving the WA. A week later, Carloso formally cut all diplomatic ties with the WA and resigned from the organisation.