CT-120 Volodya

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CT-120 Volodya
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A CT-120A
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin  Carsodonia
Service history
Used by see users
Production history
Designed 2011
Manufacturer Carsodonian Arms
Unit cost $9 million NSD
Produced 2013
Number built Classified amount of CT-120A's
Variants CT-120A
Specifications (Main Battle Tank)
Weight 47.5 tonnes
Length 9.63 metres (Total)
Width 3.78 meters
Height 2.22 meters
Crew 3

Armor Classified composite Modular Armor, with laser dazzler and Classified built on ERA, also soft-kill and hard-kill anti-missile defense systems.
2A46 125 mm gun with ATGM capability
Remote Controlled Anti-Aircraft 12.7 mm gun, M151 PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station .50 cal
Engine Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine
2,100 hp
Payload capacity x40 main gun rounds, x10 ATGM rounds, x4,000 machine gun rounds
Suspension Torsion-bars and Hybrid Hydropneumatic
780 km
Speed 80 km/h

The CT-120 Volodya is the Carsodonian Main Battle Tank Advanced Third Generation and is Carsodonia's Main Battle Tank by Carsodonian Arms under a contract from the Carsodonian Armed Forces. It was designed to take over as the new MBT and take the position of the Carsodonian CT-110 Vasily's and Russian T-90s. It has been made in response to the Zernovi-Carlosian T-104 Caracal and the Stasnovan PRB-105 Volk. It uses the 2A46 125mm for its main gun and Remote Controlled Anti-Aircraft 12.7 mm gun, M151 PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station .50 cal for its secondary armament.

Production and service history







  • Project A – Prototype Version.
  • CT-120A – Main Production Version.
  • CT-120AC - Commander's version of the CT-120A, with additional communication (station R-163-50K) and navigation equipment (TNA-4-3).
  • CT-120S - Export Version of the CT-120A. These tanks do not feature the Classified Armor or hard kill system.
  • CT-120SC – Commander's version of the CT-120S.


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    The Stratocracy of Versail : The Versalian government has placed an order for 100 CT-120A.
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    New Kvenland : The Kven Armed Forces have ordered 30 CT-120S variants.
  • CarsodonianFlag.jpeg Carsodonia : Carsodonia will be putting its old MBTs in storage, and lending them to the MPCP and rebel forces it supports and the new CT-120A will become its new MBT. They ordered 1,000 CT-120As for its first order.