CT-110 Vasily

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CT-110 Vasily
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A CT-110A
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin  Carsodonia
Service history
Used by see users
Production history
Designed 2005
Manufacturer Carsodonian Arms
Unit cost $8 million NSD
Produced 2010
Number built 3,000 CT-110A's
Variants CT-110A
Specifications (Main Battle Tank)
Weight 68 tonnes
Length 9.77 metres (Total)
Width 3.66 meters
Height 2.44 meters
Crew 4

Armor Depleted uranium mesh-reinforced composite armor, with laser dazzler and Classified built on ERA, also soft-kill and hard-kill anti-missile defense systems.
2A46 125 mm gun with ATGM capability
1 × .50-caliber (12.7 mm) M2HB heavy machine gun with 1,000 rounds

2 × 7.62 mm (.308 in) M240 machine guns with 10,400 rounds (1 pintle-mounted, 1 coaxial)

Engine Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine
1,500 hp
Payload capacity x40 main gun rounds, x10 ATGM rounds
Suspension High-hardness-steel torsion bars with rotary shock absorbers
780 km
Speed 50 km/h