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Chemins de Fer Nationale Valcusais
Type Société anonyme
Traded as CFNV
Industry Rail transportation
Founded March 1950
Founder(s) Government of Valcluse
Headquarters 55 Rue Néro, Valence, Valcluse
Area served Valcluse
Key people Honoré Morin (CEO)
Services Travel packages
Revenue ₣12.7 billion ($3.36 billion)
Operating income ₣23.9 billion ($6.3 billion)
Owner(s) Government of Valcluse
Employees 12,370 (2012)
Subsidiaries CFNV Logistics
CFNV Engineering
CFNV Technical Services

CFNV (Chemins de Fer Nationale Valcusais Valclusian National Railways) is the state railways corporation of Valcluse. It is responsible for all high-speed and inter-city passenger rail and freight services and also provides some urban services also. In 2013, CFNV carried a total of 118 million passengers nationwide.



Prior to the creation of CFNV, railways in Valcluse were provided by a number of private companies. The largest of these were the Chemins de fer de Sud-Ouest (South-West Railways) and Chemins de fer du Nord (Northern Railways), which served the west coast as well as Auxerre and Durance respectively.

and the takeover was completed in September 1951. Chemins de fer de l'Est (Eastern Railways) followed in 1952 but it wasn't until 1965 that the Chemins de fer des Carpates, otherwise known as the Trans-Carpathian Railway was bought out by CFNV.


TVE Introduction

The new company received its first diesel locomotive in 1955. Diesel locomotives would remain in front line service until the early 1970's following the introduction of diesel electric and electric locomotives. The first high-speed lines were built during the late 1980's and CFNV's TVE high speed trains entered regular service in May 1991.

Since its creation, the railways have been under competition from air services. CFNV in recent years has promoted itself as a way for tourists to see more of the country, as well as being a regular operator of essential services for more remote towns and cities.


Primarily, CFNV operates intercity and regional passenger services as well as freight transport. The company operates a network of logistics centers and "terrestrial ports" through its CFNV Logistics division, which includes freight forwarding and coordination services. This network is shared with both private logistics companies as well as the national postal service.

Through its engineering division, CFNV provides heavy engineering and maintenance support services for its own rolling stock as well as additional contracts to Valcluse's two largest public transport operators: RATV (Régie Autonome des Transports Valentois) and RATL (Régie Autonome des Transports Lyonnais).

CFNV Technical Services provides booking and ticketing services not only for the national railway network but also for RATV and RATL. In addition, CFNV Technical Services also provides customer support and freight processing services for both the national rail network as well as RATV and RATL.

Rolling Stock


Image Class Type Speed Built Number in Service Usage Notes
CFNV Type 59.jpg CFNV Type 59 Diesel-electric 90 km/h 1959-1960 1 Shunting and short distance freight services 24 built in total. To be retired in 2017.
CFNV Type 67.jpg CFNV Type 63 Diesel-electric 90 km/h 1963-1969 78 Freight services 85 built in total with six lost in accidents and one to fire. Removed from passenger service in 2004.
CFNV Type 64.jpg CFNV Type 64 Electric 90-140 km/h 1964-1976 35 Freight and regional passenger services 187 built in total. Due for retirement in 2025.
CFNV Type 67B.jpg CFNV Type 67 Diesel-electric 140-160 km/h 1967-1974 22 Freight and intercity passenger services 81 built in total. 19 refurbished between 2001 and 2005.
CFNV Type 69.jpg CFNV Type 69 Diesel-electric 140 km/h 1969-1975 122 Freight and intercity passenger services 147 built total.
CFNV Type 71.jpg CFNV Type 71 Electric 160 km/h 1971-1978 38 Intercity passenger services 58 built total.
CFNV Type 76.jpg CFNV Type 76 Electric 160-200 km/h 1976-1986 87 Intercity passenger services 164 built total.
CFNV Type 76B.jpg CFNV Type 76B Electric 180 km/h 1976-1979 22 Freight services More powerful version of the Type 76 built primarily for freight. 44 built.
CFNV Type 88.JPG CFNV Type 88 Electric 200 km/h 1988-1998 119 Intercity passenger and freight services 134 built.
CFNV Type 01.jpg CFNV Type 01 Electric 140 km/h 2001-2006 180 Freight services 182 built, with two lost in accidents.

High Speed Sets

Image Class Type Speed Built Number in Service Usage Notes
CFNV TVE.jpg CFNV TVE Electric 300 km/h 1988-1992 32 High speed intercity passenger services 35 built. Two cannibalized for spares and one converted into high speed postal train.
CFNV TVE Duplex.jpg CFNV TVE Duplex Electric 320 km/h 1995-1998 41 High speed intercity passenger services 41 built.

Electric Multiple Units

Image Class Type Speed Built Number in Service Usage Notes
CFNV Type 97.jpg CFNV Type 97 Electric 140 km/h 1997-2003 80 Regional and some short distance intercity passenger services 80 units built.
CFNV Type 02.JPG CFNV Type 02 Electric 200 km/h 2002-2006 79 Regional passenger services 80 units built, one lost in level crossing accident in 2007.
CFNV Type 04.jpg CFNV Type 04 Electric 160 km/h 2004-2008 91 Regional passenger services 91 units built.
CFNV Type 04B.jpg CFNV Type 04B Electric 160 km/h 2004-2008 35 Regional passenger services Longer and slightly more powerful version of the Type 04, having an additional two carriages. 35 built.
CFNV Type 05.jpg CFNV Type 05 Electric 160 km/h 2005-2010 112 Regional passenger services 115 built, three lost to accidents.
CFNV Type 14.jpg CFNV Type 14 Electric 160 km/h 2014- 15 Regional passenger services 85 to be built.
CFNV Type 14B.jpg CFNV Type 14B Electric 160 km/h 2014- 8 Regional and short intercity passenger services Longer and more powerful variant of the Type 14, with an additional three carriages. 45 to be built total.
CFNV Type 15.jpg CFNV Type 15 Electric 200 km/h 2015- 6 Regional and intercity passenger services 65 to be built.

Diesel Multiple Units

Image Class Type Speed Built Number in Service Usage Notes
CFNV Type 04D.jpg CFNV Type 04D Diesel 160 km/h 2004-2008 85 Regional passenger services 86 built total, one lost to landslide in 2014.


Image Class Built Number in Service Usage Notes
CFNV V60.jpg CFNV V60 1960-1975 209 Intercity and regional services 185 carriages refurbished in 2001. Includes Tourisme class carriages and café cars.
CFNV V75.jpg CFNV V75 1975-1989 681 Intercity and overnight services Most numerous carriage in service. Includes Affaires, Tourisme class carriages, café cars as well as overnight sleeper cars. In addition, there are 41 voiture pilote cars in service.
CFNV V80DN.jpg CFNV V80DN 1980-1992 189 Regional services All single class services predominantly used on Valence-Lyon and Valence-Chatillon services.
CFNV FM76.jpg CFNV FM76 1976-1984 82 Intercity and overnight services Used predominantly on mainline intercity services, overnight trains and tourist trains.

Codeshare Agreements

CFNV has codeshare agreements with Air Valcluse. In July 2012, the company announced a new smart card agreement with the regional transport authorities of Lyon and Valence.