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This page is a resource for common Bretian culture, behaviour and mannerisms.

Common Knowledge

Most Bretians know that...

The date is written MM/DD/YYYY. The year isn't shortened, makes for too many two-digit numbers.

When it rains, you take an umbrella. If you don't have one, you put up your hood.

Milk comes in bags, but you don't pour it out of the bag alone.

If you're sitting next to a stranger on a bench, bus or train, it's perfectly acceptable not to talk to them. Bretians usually don't make small talk; talking to strangers usually means asking for directions. If you do make small talk with them, they may not answer. If they do, don't be shy. Ask for their phone number, it shows you care about them. Making small talk to a stranger and not asking to keep in touch implies they are boring, and is considered rude.

You don't kiss someone else in public unless you are alone or saying hello/goodbye.

The core of the city is known as downtown. There is no uptown.

It's perfectly legal to be in public nude, but is considered lazy and is frowned upon in most cases, excepting the Festival of the Sun in July.

There is no meaningful distinction between white, black, Ghantish and other people. Don't be racist.

Braetia is not one nation state, it is three different cultures with two different ethnicities. The country is united mostly by language.

Braetia speaks Bretian, their citizens are Bretians. Bretian-speakers are Brethophones.

Bretian Lifestyle

Nearly all Bretians live in a house or apartment with windows and a roof. The floor is hardwood, tiled or carpeted, depending on the room and house model.

Go in the front door and out the front door. Which door is the front door depends on who you are and how you got there.

Bretians drive a car or walk to the store. Kids walk, take a bus, get a ride or bike to school.

Take a train between small towns, unless you're visiting a big city. The trains are usually on time. If they are early, they wait until the expected arrival time so nobody misses it.

People eat at home. Restaurants are often for special occasions. Fast food does not count.

Planes fly in and out of the country. Air lines don't bother flying between Bretian cities unless making a layover.

The phones don't often work. Bring your cell phone.

Health care is free for citizens only.

The sports are baseball and basketball. Soccer is common. American Football? Accidents and steroids waiting to happen; fuggedaboudit.

Telephone, Television and Radio

Dial 505 if you have an emergency. The emergency vehicles will get there before the pizza man.

You can dial 0 for the operator, but most people don't use it.

Don't use the area code locally, there is no reason to.

Remember to say "Hello, it's ___" when they pick up.

Phone calls are usually long, Bretians have a lot to talk about.

Say "goodbye", then wait a few seconds before hanging up just in case they say "Wait!" Hanging up right away is very rude.

"Leave a message at the tone." Don't bother, call back later or send them an email.

Most people have a landline and a cell phone. The cell phone is the main one, the landline is for visitors or in case the cell gets lost.

TV news is untrustworthy. Take all hard news stories with a pinch of salt.

The biggest channels are TVB, NeweNet and Beacon TV. There are lots of specialty channels too.

On demand is dead. Everybody streams their shows with TVB Cadalog, watches them when the show comes on or pirates them.

Radio stations have nearly died out, sadly. Braetia is dominated by satellite radio, either Tent Radio or Beacon Satellite.

The radio plays music from everywhere, but mostly from Braetia, Ghant, Korencia, Arkiasis, Vyvland, Nevanmaa or Iglesiantis. Music in many languages is common on Bretian radio.

Please don't sing along unless everyone wants to sing and everyone knows how it goes.

Of Foreign Lands and Foreigners

Arkiasis is a strong nation, and Arkiasin people are very polite and friendly. Some people in Walys and Brethes territories don't think of northeast Arkiasis as different. Many Bretians know at least some English, and can easily communicate with Arkiasins.

Korencia is thought to be very similar to Braetia. Bretians think highly of their Korencian neighbours, but think they talk too much.

Ghant is a great ally, their people have a similar sense of humour to Bretians, and they get along well. Most Bretians are afraid to actually go to Ghant, though.

Vjaarland is a good ally, but Vjaarlanders are too stubborn and conservative. Bretians know better than to talk religion and politics around Vjaarlanders.

Nevanmaa is a beautiful country full of racists. Bretians can easily integrate into Nevanmaa, but the opposite is not always true.

Unolia is just kind of there. Bretians don't have much of an opinion of Unolians. Roubao is a self-governing Unolian territory.

Namor is scary and should be left alone.

Iglesiantis is Braetia's rival. Many Bretians say that Braetia is more free when Iglesians say otherwise. They are really cool people, even if they get angry a lot. Never hold a public event in Larena.

Luziyca is okay, but they're too interventionist. They're almost as bad as Namor. Bretians are not like Luziycans at all, and are prone to fight.

Everia is nasty, Vissari or not. Bunch of self-entitled snobs, they are. Tariff War, never forget.

Geadland is eh. We should take their country and move it closer to Vyvland and away from its terrifying neighbours.