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Kingdom of Boaga
Boaga Erresuma
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Motto: "Ezkurrak txikiak haritzen abiega hazten"
"From small acorns grow mighty oaks"
Anthem: Bakea eta oparotasuna (Boagan)
Peace and Prosperity”
Royal anthemErrege eta erregina (Boagan)
The King and Queen
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Location of Boaga in Maredoratica, show in Blue.
Largest Aberasturi
Official languages Boagan
Ethnic groups 90.8% Boagan
Demonym Boagan
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  King King Gozo III
 -  Queen Urraka of Araiko
 -  Prime Minister Manual Mardo (Conservative Party)
Legislature Muntaia
 -  Unification 300 BCE 
 -  Federal constitution 1757 
 -  2,199,400 km2
849,193 sq mi
 -  2014 estimate 30,560,414
HDI (2008)0.901
very high
Currency Busko (Bu) (BKO)