Baikun Qing

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His Excellency

Baikun Qing
Бaикун Чинг

Katranflag5189.png President of the People's Republic of Katranjiev
In office
Dec. 11, 1981 – May 11, 1989
PremierNuoju Zeng
Blazhe Hristov
Preceded byNuoju Zeng
Succeeded byoffice abolished
Apostol XIV (as King)
General-Secretary of the Liberationist Party of Katranjiev
In office
October 16, 1984 – December 11, 1986
Serving with Nuoju Zeng
Preceded byHuankun Chen (as Chairman)
Succeeded byhimself
General Secretary of the Liberationist Party of Katranjiev
In office
December 11, 1986 – March 28, 1995
Preceded byhimself and Nuoju Zeng
Succeeded byNinji Sachun
Personal details
Born October 3, 1920
Baicheng, Trifonov, Katranjiev
Died March 15, 2016 (aged 95)
Baicheng, Trifonov, Katranjiev
Nationality Katranjian
Political party Liberationist Party (1939-2003)
Spouse(s) Elena Qing (b. 1923, m. 1951-2014, d. 2014)
Children Sxo Qing (b. 1952)
Alma mater Royal University of Katranjiev
Profession Politician
Religion Txoist

Baikun Qing was the last President of the People's Republic of Katranjiev, serving from 1981 until 1989. Born in 1920 in Baicheng, he was drawn into the Liberationist ideology at the Royal University of Katranjiev, joining in 1939. He was a well-known campaign volunteer, often targeting the eastern duchies of Katranjiev during his campaigns. After the December Revolution on December 11, 1951, he became a legislator in the Shuvet i Khorata.

He rose through the ranks of the party until by 1981, he became President of Katranjiev, which was a powerless position at the time. Following Huankun Chen's death in 1984, he became engaged in a power struggle with Chen's second wife, Nuoju Zeng, who were both appointed co-High Chairman of the Party. He ultimately managed to take control of the country, and attempted to implement Minjuha-style reforms, but protests broke out against the Liberationist regime. After holding a referendum, where a majority of voters voted to restore the monarchy, he peacefully transferred power to the new government. He continued serving as party leader until 1995, when he retired from the leadership of the party. In 1999, he wrote his memoirs, which were critically acclaimed by many critics.

Since 2003, when Qing retired from the party altogether, he lived a quiet life in his hometown of Baicheng. He was hospitalized after a fall in his home on July 23, 2014, and lived at the Nushen Retirement Home in Baicheng. He was an "active person," who enjoyed table tennis and cycling. On March 15, 2016, Baikun Qing died in his sleep after being in "declining health" for the past few months.