Ba Singmei

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Ba Singmei
Ба Сингмеи
Ba Singmei in NMR 2380
BornOctober 9, NMR 2328 (age 53)
Moshi, East Namor, Namor
Alma materMojing University
SpouseTzang Tekiang (m. NMR 2359)

Ba Singmei (born October 9, NMR 2328) is a Namorese actress and martial artist.

Born and raised in the district of East Namor, Ba was a gymnast before she became acquainted with masut, a sport derived from traditional Namorese martial arts. After winning the prefectural masut championships in NMR 2343, she formally began her career as a masut athlete. Ba represented East Namor in the NMR 2347, NMR 2351, NMR 2355 and NMR 2359 National Games. She retired from the sport in NMR 2360 as the most decorated female masut athlete.

After her athletic career, Ba pursued a career in acting, starring in many action films and television series. She is most known for her portrayal of heroines both historical and fictional, including the goddess Nushen, Nguyen Linh Tú and Chen Anyi and Ying Veino.


Athletic career

Ba Singmei at the NMR 2347 National Games

Ba was born and raised in Moshi, a small city in East Namor.

When she was three years old, Ba was sent to a school to train in gymnastics. However, she developed a passion for martial arts after joining a masut class in intermediate school. This led her to join a masut academy run by the father of one of her classmates, where she rose through the ranks and earned a black belt. Ba won the NMR 2343 Mo Prefecture masut championships and advanced to the East Namor District Championships, where she won third place. As a top contender, she was admitted into the district masut team.

In NMR 2347, Ba took part in her first National Games and won 16 gold medals in women's masut while winning two bronze medals in the mace and meteor hammer, breaking the previous medal record set by Ying Kodin in NMR 2335. Ba's performance continued to improve; she won all 18 gold medals in masut in the NMR 2351 National Games, becoming the first masut practitioner to win all events in the sport. She hoped to repeat this feat in the NMR 2355 National Games, but fell short of winning every event after losing to Mai Thu of Tuhao in the meteor hammer, Ba made her fourth and final appearance in the NMR 2359 National Games. In the highly anticipated meteor hammer march, she narrowly defeated Mai Thu and won all events for a second time. Afterwards, Ba announced her retirement.

Acting career

After her retirement, Ba was invited to star in the PTH TV series Nushenshi, an adaptation of the epic by the same name. Ba's role as the goddess Nushen was widely hailed by critics, raising speculations that she would pursue a career in acting. But a year after the Nushenshi was produced, Ba gave birth to her first child and decided to spend time with her family instead. Thus, she fell out of public attention for several years and became the owner of a grocery store in Moshi.

Ba returned to the public eye in NMR 2366 after playing Chen Anyi, an anticorruption agent in Bottom Up, a political thriller film set in the post-Minjuha years. The film was an instant hit while Ba became synonymous with "Agent Chen." She went on to appear in several other action movies and dramas, most notably Tomb (as a zombie version of the Tuhaoese queen Nguyen Linh Tú), Puns and Roses (as the bodyguard of the President-General of Namor) and Saint Chen (as Kansist priestess Ying Veino). She also made many cameo appearances, especially in documentaries on Namorese history and mythology.

Personal Life

Ba married musician Tzang Tekiang in NMR 2359. The two have two children - Tzang Jing (born NMR 2361).

Irreligious at first, Ba converted to Kansism at the age of 28. During an interview with a magazine, she credited her conversion to her success as a masut athlete and revealed that she had become depressed after crashing out at the meteor hammer event in the NMR 2355 National Games. Ba then claimed that she felt the presence of God while training. In response, she borrowed a copy of the Tinsek and Kansisek at a library. After reading both texts, she declared herself a Kansist. Ba's depression eventually ended and she later reclaimed the meteor hammer medal from Mai Thu in NMR 2359. Besides revealing her religious faith, Ba also revealed that she had been harassed for being a Kansist, stating "a lot of people thought Kansism is weird and couldn't believe I turned to it."