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Battle Tank 79
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin
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Service history
In service 1980 - Present
Used by Starwindi Republic Army
Starwindi Republic Navy (BT79-83N)
Wars 20 Month War
Final War
2007 Starwind Civil War
Production history
Designer Ironstrike Defences FAC
Designed 1976 - 1979
Manufacturer Federal Armaments PSC
Ironstrike Defences FAC
Produced 1977 - Present
Variants AT92/152
Specifications (Main Battle Tank)
Weight 79-97T: 65.9 tonnes
Length 79-97T: 10 m
Width 79-97T: 4 m
Height 79-97T: 3.19 m
Crew 79-97T: 3

Armor 79-97T: Depleted uranium
110mm TC-110D(a) (49 rounds)
12.7mm AM104H, 7.62mm AM104L
Engine Dinaves HevDE04(m) V-12 twin-turbo diesel engine
1575 hp
Suspension Torsion-bars suspension
Speed 68 km/h (~42 mph)

The BT79 is a MBT developed 1976 - 1979 by Ironstrike Defences FAC for use by the Starwindi Republic Army. The tank entered service in 1982, and was intended to fill both the roles of light and medium tanks. It is the most produced MBT in the SRA, but despite attempts to export the tank, no interest has been shown, and Starwind remains the only country who operates the tank.



In 1969, with the Starwind's declaration of independence and the ongoing Second Intercontinential War, the SRA found that the tanks they had captured were insufficient for the army, and since they could not import tanks from foreign nations as the transportation might be intercepted. After the end of ICW 2, the army sought to replace the tanks it had captured with domestic alternatives, and in 1976 a request for a Main Battle Tank was filed to Ironstrike, whom went to work that very same year on the MBT project.


Main armament

To compete with foreign MBT's, one of the many requirements of the BT79 was to have a smoothbore cannon with over 100mm in caliber. This would be answered initially with the 105mm TC-105X(a), but poor performance necessitated the need for a larger caliber, which would be the 110mm TC-110X(a), renamed the TC-110A after it's introduction into the SRA.

Secondary armaments

It was initially planned to mount a 20mm auto cannon in the tank's hull to offer extra firepower against IFV's and other lighter combat vehicle, but this was scrapped in favor of a 7.62mm machine gun on the turret. This was later boosted with the addition of a 12.7mm machine gun on the hull.



Prototype version of the BT79, and only five of them were made. The initial design featured a 105mm TC-105X(a), which was deemed just sufficient by the army, although a request was put in for the gun to be upgraded to 110mm so ammunition used in other 110mm cannons could be used on the tank as well, which would lower costs.


Nearly identical to the MBT-77/105, with the only real differences being the main gun switched out for a 110mm instead of the 105mm, as well as the new engine designed by Dinaves upon special request by Ironstrike. Later redesignated to the BT79, which became the name of the tank series.



Designed based on the 79-83 upon request by the navy for a MBT that would be able to handle prolonged landing operations without maintenance or restocking of ammuntion. To achieve this, more room for ammunition was placed, and the exposed areas of the tanks were sealed.


An upgraded version of the MBT-77/105, intended for export. The tank was never exported, and instead saw short service in the SRA (1991 - 1996).


The AT92/152 is a modified version of the BT79-83. It had its turret removed and a 152mm gun installed in the hull, and was designed for the Spearheads upon request. It was retired in 2010 in favor of the SV115K


The AV95/225 is a AT92/152 with it's high-velocity 152mm cannon replaced with a 225mm howitzer, designed upon request by the Spearheads. It remains in service with the Spearheads.


The 79-97 saw the main gun upgraded from the TC-110B(b) to the TC-110C(a), as well as the addition of Explosive Reactive Armor on the sides of the tank to protect the tank better.


Designed in 2004, and adopted in 2005. This version saw the main gun upgraded to the TC-110C(b), as well as the Dinaves HevDE77(m) engine swapped out for the Dinaves HevDE04(m). Currently still in service, but will be retired in 2020 in favor of the 79-97T.


Designed in 2009, and adopted in 2011. The gun was once again upgraded, this time to the TC-110D(a). Second most produced tank in the SRA as of now, with the 79-104 being slightly in the lead.


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    - 6,700 have been built of all models.
    • Republic Army - 6000 vehicles in service.
    • Republic Navy - 700 BT79-83N's are in service.