Awards and decorations of the Aquitaynian Armed Forces

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The Aquitaynian Armed Forces awards and decorations are the medals, service ribbons, chivalric orders and awards that recognize exemplary military service and personal accomplishment while serving as a member in the Aquitaynian Armed Forces. Such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service member's career.

Order of Precedence

The following is the order of precedence for specific types of awards:

  1. Personal military decorations
  2. Unit awards
  3. Aquitaynian non-military personal decorations (in order of specific precedence)
  4. Aquitaynian military campaign and service medals
  5. Aquitaynian military service and training ribbons
  6. Foreign military personal decorations
  7. Foreign military unit citations
  8. International decorations & service medals (e.g., TARP, United Kingdom, etc.)
  9. Foreign military service awards
  10. Marksmanship awards

Aquitaynian military, current

Ribbon/Award Name
Personal Decorations
Decorations of the Crown
Elizabeth Cross 1C.png  Elizabeth Cross, First Class
Awarded for extraordinary actions above and beyond the call of duty, at great peril to one's own life.

Urimanus Cross (Combat .png  Urimanus Cross
Awarded to those who have displayed and exemplified the warrior spirit on the field of battle in actions preserving their comrades' lives and the nation.

Service Crosses
Awarded for extraordinary heroism in and around the line of duty.

Service Cross - Army.png  Army Service Cross

Flying Cross.png  Flying Cross

Naval Cross.png  Naval Cross

Naval Cross Marines.png  Royal Marine Naval Cross

Order of the Legionnaire.png  Order of the Legionnaire

Order of the Griffin
for acts of bravery in combat and non-combat actions, to protect their fellow comrades and countrymen.

OtG-Army.png  Order of the Griffin - Army

OtG-Air Force.png  Order of the Griffin - Air Force

OtG-Navy.png  Order of the Griffin - Navy

OtG-Marines.png  Order of the Griffin - Marines

Distinguished Service Medals
Gallantry Cross.png  Gallantry Cross

Conspicuous Combat Action Medal.png  Conspicuous Combat Action Medal

Air Service Medal.png  Air Service Medal

Awarded for wounds suffered in combat.

Purple heart quivalent - killed.png  Order of the Most Revered Patriots (Killed in Action)

Purple heart quivalent - wounded.png  Order of the Most Revered Patriots (Wounded in Action)

Awarded for being taken captive during combat with the enemy.

POW Medal.png  Prisoner of War Medal

Meritorious Service Medals
MSM-Army.png  Meritorious Service Medal - Army

MSM-Air Force.png  Meritorious Service Medal - Air Force

MSM-Navy.png  Meritorious Service Medal - Navy

MSM-Marines.png  Meritorious Service Medal - Royal Marines

MSM-Legion.png  Meritorious Service Medal - Foreign Legion

Combat action medals and ribbons

Army Combat Action.png  Army Combat Action Ribbon

AF Combat Action.png  Navy Combat Action Ribbon

Air Force Combat Action.png  Air Force Combat Action Ribbon

Ribbon/Award Name
Campaign and Service Medals
General service medals
National Defense Service.png  National Defense Service Medal
UK Service.png  United Kingdom Service Medal
Foreign Service Medal.png  Foreign Service Medal
Humanitarian Service.png  Humanitarian Service Medal
Special service medals
Arctic Service.png  Arctic Service Medal
Cyber Space.png  Cyber and Space Campaign Medal
Nuclear Deterrence.png  Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal
Royal Marine Security.png  Royal Marines Embassy Security Service Medal
Campaign service medals
Operation United Resolve.png  Operation United Resolve Campaign Medal
Operation Enduring Resolve.png  Operation Enduring Resolve Campaign Medal
Insula Fera Campaign.png  Insula Fera Campaign Medal
Western Tundra Defense.png  Western Tundra Defense Campaign Medal
Foreign Awards Approved for Wear
  Đorđe Ivanović Award