Atmoran Empire

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Atmoran Empire
Atmoraanse Rijk
Motto: "Splendor sine occasu"
"Splenduor Without Diminishment"
Anthem: Alexandriëslied
Status Great power
Largest City Sierrapolis
Official languages IravianEnglish
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  Monarch Katherine II
 -  Minister The Countess of Arundel
 -  2064 estimate 896,314,206 (Earth)

The Atmoran Empire (Iravian: Het Atmoraanse Keizerrijk, officially Het Atmoraanse Rijk) comprises the dominions, colonies, protectorates and other territories ruled or administered by the Atmoran Confederation. These territories have varying legal status and different levels of autonomy, although all (except those with no permanent inhabitants and or self-dominion) have representation in both Atmora's House of Commons and Senate, which together make up the Atmoran Parliament. Their citizens have Atmoran nationality.



Administrative Regions

Imperial Realms

Flag Name Capital Largest city Area (km²) Population Prime Minister
Nations within the Empire
Vlag van het Atmoraanse Keizerrijk.png Confederation of Atmora Alexandria Sierrapolis 11,232,596.85 425,800,750 The Viscountess Campbell
Flag of the Dominion of Mizuho.png Mizuho Shinkyo Shinkyo 1,127,367.53 261,115,456 Sir Yuuki Kamikawa
Flag of Westphalia (TM).jpg Westphalia Eindhoven Tirana 1,741,676.16 209,398,000 Christof Müller


Flag Name Capital Largest city Area (km²) Population Governor
Colonies of Atmora
Andaman and Nicobar Port Katherine Port Katherine 7,950 4,802,369 Yasmin Adkins
Arcadia Aliceburg Aliceburg
Colonial Flag of Astraeus.jpg Astraeus New Sierrapolis New Sierrapolis The Marchioness of Ravenswood
Terra Alexandria New Alexandria New Alexandria The Viscount of Karthspire
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Vesperia Arentheym Arentheym 4,567 3,727,933 Sjierk Van Tuinen
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Neder-Californië South Haven Autumn City 145,357.90 7,527,515
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Cape Spear Islands New Penticton New Penticton 4,033 941,899 Wilburn Lynch
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Cascara Camp Thunder Cove Camp Thunder Cove 54,400 6,500
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Schouten Islands Schouten Schouten 8,010 56,738
TBA, light grey letters on dark grey background.jpg Okishima TBA TBA 6,570 37,451
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Northern Elisabeth Islands Saipan Saipan 464 53,833
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Ōmiya-Jima TBA TBA 544 231,069
Phobos 1,548.3 TBA
Ceres 2,770,000 TBA
Callisto 73,000,000 TBA
Titan 83,000,000 TBA
Tethys TBA TBA
Enceladus 8,300,000 TBA
Mimas 500,000 TBA
Triton 23,018,000 TBA
Miranda 700,000 TBA
Ariel 4,211,300 TBA
Umbriel 4,296,000 TBA
Titania 7,820,000 TBA
Pluto and Charon 21,700,000 TBA