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Commonwealth of Athaurus
Flag of Aazeronia
Motto: "Salus populi suprema lex esto"
Anthem: "The Courageous Gaurdians"
and largest city
Official languages Siclonan
Ethnic groups Athaurussian (60.7%)
Siclonan (27.8%)
Other (6.4%)
Demonym Athaurssian
Government Commonwealth
 -  President Katerina Audet
 -  Governor Addison Gomez
 -  Siclonan National Assembly Delegate Bradley Scott
Legislature Legislative Assembly
 -  Upper house Provincial Senate
 -  Lower house Provincial Assembly
 -  Total 18,840,000 km2 (2nd in region)
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 -  estimate 137,469,650
GDP (PPP) 2040 estimate
 -  Total $7.771 Trillion (1st in region)
 -  Per capita $56,52.17
GDP (nominal) 2020 estimate
 -  Total $5.153 Trillion (1st in region)
 -  Per capita $25,211.89 (2nd in region)
HDI 0.755
high · 1st in region
Currency Crown
Date format
Drives on the right
Calling code +813
ISO 3166 code SR
Internet TLD .srs
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Independent principalities

Three Kingdoms (1287-1527)

Unification Wars (1523-1523) (1571-1574)

Borkhin Threat (1701-1755) (1892-1923)

Kingdom of the Athaurus (1523-1856)

Republic of Athaurus (1856-1892)

Protectorate of Athaurus (1892-current)

The Kingdom of Athaurus was a medieval and early monarchy in central Sordien. It was one of the most powerful states in Sordien and great power since the Late Middle Ages and the 2 Unification Wars.

Athaurus originated as many independent principalities ruled by different family dynasties for hundreds of years. Three powerful kingdoms divided the lands: The Auruss in the North, Gaelsicia in the West, and the Atath in the South. The expansion and the conquest of Atath came under the royal control of House Caumos (1498-1632). The Monarchy remained in control of Athaurus until 1856 when it agreed to remove its king in replace of a more modern federal system, in which the Republic of Athaurus was founded. In 1892 the Siclonan government granted them 'supreme protection' if they gave more of their autonomy away, and the Borkhinian Threat greatly influenced their decision to once again change their government. In 1892 the Protectorate of Athaurus was founded.

Athaurus has long been a global centre of science, religiosity and philosophy. It receives 20 million foreign tourist annually. Athaurus is no longer considered a global power, however its defense capabilities thanks to the Athaursian mountain range and the massive Heirgor River have left Athaurus able to defend itself in modern war times against Borkhin and Neninshka.

Athaurus has historically been a sovereign kingdom that compromises three

Athaurus in the Middle Ages

The [[Kingdom of Athaurus] in the middle ages originated as the Atath Kingdom ruled by the Caumos family dynasty. The modern day borders of Athaurus were dominated by three major Kingdoms. The Atath Kingdom, The Auruss Kingdom, Kingdom of Gaelsicia. The expansion and conquest of the various independent principalities (duchies and counties) in the Atath realm under the royal control by of House Caumos (884-1203). Their incorporation and allegiance to the House of Caumos set out for what would be envied and mimicked by Siclona in their attempts to unite the continent.

Athaurus in the

Divisions of Athaurus

Division Name Population Capital
Atath 58,699,541 __
Auruss 28,593,687 __
Gaelsicia 50,176,422 __