Asuran Community

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Motto: "United as One"
Anthem: Laöfieten go Aozura
"The Beauty of Asura"
CapitalBerghelling (de facto)
Official Languages
Type Supranational organization
 -  Speaker of the Asuran Assembly Midrasia Mattieu Chaubon
Legislature Asuran Parliament
 -  Lotrič Declaration 10 April 1951 (1951-04-10) 
 -  Pact of Co-operation 3 June 1969 (1969-06-03) 
 -  Treaty of Berghelling 26 November 2016 (2016-11-26) 

The Asuran Community (AC) is a supranational organization containing ten member states, the majority of which are located on the continent of Asura. The AC was set up to coordinate the economic affairs of Asuran nations and ensure an everlasting peace upon the continent. Whilst Asuran nations were already united through a number of organisations, such as the Pact of Co-operation, Asuran Economic Union and Mutual Defence Union, the Asuran Community was established to unite these varying military and economic organisations into one sole political bloc. The Community was established following discussions between several nations within the continent against a backdrop of rising international tensions and the threat of global terrorism following several incidents in Newrey and abroad. The Community was formerly established by the Treaty of Berghelling signed on November 26th by the eight founding nations of the Community.

The official legislative body of the Community is the Asuran Parliament, containing both the Asuran Assembly and Asuran Council. The Assembly is made up of elected representatives from each individual member state, with representation divided according to individual member state populations, with one seat for every 819,000 people, or part thereof. The Assembly also appoints a non-partisan Speaker to facilitate debate and organise the business of the day. The Council by contrast is made up of the elected heads of state of each individual member state, with each state wielding equal power. All legislation enacted by the Community must pass through both the Assembly and Council before becoming law. Legislation on social matters requires support of sixty percent of delegates to be enacted, as per the Treaty of Berghelling.




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