Association of Music Quality and Values Control

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Association of Music Quality and Values Control
Founder(s) Aaron Feldman
Type Advocacy group
Founded 1986
Location Provisa and Dakos, Belhavia
Area served Belhavia
Focus "Bringing back responsibility and family values to the entertainment industry"
Method Media attention, direct-appeal campaigns

The Association of Music Quality and Values Control (AMQVC) is a private Belhavia-based censorship advocacy group founded by conservative religious Jewish activist and rabbi Aaron Feldman in 1985 that is funded by the Belhavian music industry as established by the Decent Communications section of the Telecommunications Act of 1985. Through publications on its website including staff reviews, (non peer-reviewed) research reports, and web-based newsletters, the Association proclaims music tracks, songs, and other music entertainment products to be beneficial or harmful to the development of children and actively works to ensure broadcasters and content producers conform to the Association's enforced industry standards.

The Association launches several media campaigns a year against the producers and advertisers of music and music-related television programs they perceive to be indecent. It is the most powerful private actor in the Belhavian music scene by virtue of its political and social support.



Role in music industry




Religious ties



  • Rabbinical Council of Belhavia: The RCB has consistently praised and extolled the value of having the AMQVC. Well-respected rabbinic authority and Torah scholar, Rabbi Moshe Twersky, in 2003 told his yeshiva students that "the [AMQVC] is a necessary bulwark for our Torah [religious Jewish] world against the encroachment from foreign goyish music that threats to corrupt our youth."
  • Union for a Just Society: The Rodarion-based morality advocacy group has strongly supported the organization, calling it a "breath of fresh air" and "bold and noble endeavor to ensure music is wholesome and fit for biblical values."


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Album cover of Hannie Faustina Cea's 2013 album Cum At Me Now. The graphic nature of the art and the provocative lyrics saw this album banned in both Belhavia and Rodarion.
  • Signboard: The Aisling music magazine, a major fixture in the Aisling and Skanderan music industries, has strongly condemned the organization throughout its existence, and actually sued the law behind its creation in 1987, fearing that strict decency standards would harm its robust Belhavian market shares and cut off a valuable Taverian market. The case, Singboard v. Belhavia, made its way to the Imperial Supreme Court of Belhavia, where in a 6-3 decision the Court ruled partially in Singboard's favor, striking down several strict censorship regulations as "inconsistent with the freedoms of speech and association" but otherwise upholding the law and its mandate that the private music industry create an industry-wide ratings and standards board with strong police powers.
  • Lethal-T: Controversial Eaglelander-Aisling rapper Lethal-T condemned the organization for banning every single music video and music track he's released for indecent language, lewd scenes, and glorification of indecent "culture." He wrote a song, "F*** da AMQVC" and produced a corresponding music video where popular actress Carme Estacio was cast as a "stereotypical dumb secretary" according to the casting call, and in the video its strongly implied she gives oral sex to a male actor who has a close resemblance to AMQVC chief Aaron Feldman.
  • S.G. Entertainment: has criticized the organisation after they banned several music videos and tracks from S.G. Entertainment Artists from Belhavia. Including widely popularly A-pop group Girls' Galaxy for their 2014 Down Devil Down Music Video. Executive Heo Jae-hoon said "This is the sort of censorship I would expect from my days in the DSRA I never thought one of the leading Free Pardes nations would restrict free expression like this!" Members from Girls' Galaxy declined to comment on the ban but said they would still tour Belhavia.

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