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Asher "Ash" Frum
Creator Isaac R. Fleischer
Original work Novels

The Asher Frum series focuses on a fictional Yisraeli RYIS agent Asher Frum. Frum was originally featured in several Dane West movies as a partner for the Arthuristan SIB operative. Though originally intended and cast as a side character for West, fans were very receptive of the character. In 1992, KMG-CE began producing movies with Frum as the main character.

While the first actor to actually portray Frum was Nosson Greenblatt in 1982, the first actor to portray Frum in an original movie was Yisraeli actor Joshua Goldstein. Goldstein played the role until 2010, when he was replaced by <TBD>.

Publication history

Creation and inspiration

Isaac R. Fleischer created Asher Frum in 1976 while working for <studio> as a screen writer. Fleischer envisioned a "young and dashing" RYIS agent who could assist West while he operating on the Scipian continent. Fleischer reasoned that, while West was no doubt a "master spy", he could use the assistance of a local intelligence operative while operating in a drastically different landscape and cultural area of the world from his native Arthurista.

Fleischer approached the studio with the idea and convinced executive producer Jim Lloyd to include the idea in the next West movie, slated to begin work in 1978. A new actor for West, Cedric Collins, had been selected to replace original actor Leigh Armstrong and Fleischer convinced Lloyd that the time to introduce a new character couldn't be better. Lloyd agreed and assigned Fleischer to work with Gerard Garner, the primary writer for the West series. Meanwhile the studio began an audition process for the part, and selected Nosson Greenblatt for the role.

Frum first appeared in the 1980 movie Scipian Nights. Critics and fans were highly receptive to Greenblatt's character and performance. Following his debut, Frum went on to appear in 3 more West movies, portrayed by Greenblatt in each. In 1989, KMG-CE began talks about producing a Frum-centric series and were preparing to approach Greenblatt regarding the role when he was tragically killed in a skiing accident in the Hynek Mountains while vacationing in Zettendorf. In 1990, Joshua Goldstein was selected to portray Frum, and debuted in the series' first movie "RYISky Business" in 1992

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